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Cans for Comments – Shopping Trip! December 15, 2008

This afternoon, I met up with the wonderfully talented Rebecca from Rebecca Peters Photography for a fun-filled can shopping extravaganza. :) Rebecca also participated in the Cans for Comments drive on her blog, and between the two of us, we purchased a total of 188 cans!

We were able to snap a few photos in the store before we were asked to put our cameras away. We probably would’ve had more time to grab photos in the store, if I would’ve taken a smaller lens with me… after getting a strange “what are they doing taking photos of canned goods?” look from an employee walking by, he came back a few minutes later to ask us to put away our cameras. Oops! :)

Here are a few that I grabbed. For my fruit-loving blog readers, who requested that I not leave out the fruit — 12 cans of tropical fruit salad were donated in your honor:




So after we bought all of the cans (with a few comments from fellow shoppers — things like, “wow, you girls sure are hungry for canned goods!”), we had the brilliant idea of doing an outdoor photo shoot in the freezing cold weather. My car temperature gauge read “11” — yeah, not fun. Yet we set out, determined to capture some unique images of canned goods, and possibly create a stop-motion film. We found our perfect location behind Price Chopper (where there’s a drop-off for Harvesters). If Rebecca makes our attempt at stop-motion filming actually work out, I’ll show you the finished product here. :)

Setting up the shot:


What the line of cans looked like when we were (finally) done setting them up one by one and taking a frame after each can was in place:


And a few testing out the new video capabilities on the MarkII5D!



Needless to say, after all of this, we couldn’t feel our hands or our feet, which required a Starbucks chai tea remedy. :)

Thanks again for your participation in the Cans for Comments drive! You are awesome, and I’m excited to see your name in the Comments section of my posts more often. :) Rebecca, thanks for a super fun — although freezing cold — afternoon!


8 Responses to “Cans for Comments – Shopping Trip!”

  1. rachel Says:

    thank you so much for remembering the fruit!

    fruit prevents scurvy, you know….

  2. Melissa B Says:

    looks like you two had lots of fun. Can’t believe you hung out in the bitter cold weather today – anything for the shot, right? Thanks for the donations!!

  3. Mandy Hank Says:

    You guys are so cute and creative with the fence-you even dealt with the cold to snap the shot- awesome!

  4. Chris Says:

    rockin the 5dII! can’t wait to see the video! I’m with Melissa, can’t believe you two braved the cold today. it was NASTY outside!

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Hey girl!
    I did not get NEARLY enough images — since I was trying to get the silly video going. I am not too impressed with the video yet, but holding final judgement until I really learn how to use it. :)
    GREAT fun, and I hope to blog my stuff this week!!

  6. neal Says:

    Great Job guys! It’s only too funny that it was like the coldest day of the year.

  7. Betsy Says:

    Too cool! What a great idea!

  8. We are doing the same. Come comment us. :)

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