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Kansas City Plaza Christmas Lights December 22, 2008

It is SO cold here. I am seriously contemplating a wintertime home in a tropical locale… next year, I’ll only be booking weddings in sunny, warm destinations during the months of December through March, okay? :) Just kidding! Seriously, though, I’d probably ride in your suitcase if you’re up for a beach-themed portrait session right now. :) Who’s with me??

Anyway, in the midst of packing, moving and unpacking, we somehow found time to take care of Christmas shopping and do a little bit of holiday-themed fun this past weekend. Luckily, I start early with the shopping stuff, so we just had a few last-minute details to wrap up. We didn’t get to decorate our house for Christmas or do very many traditional things like cuddle and sip hot cocoa while watching Christmas classics… so this weekend, we were determined to take in a little bit of the holiday scenery. After a long day of painting, cleaning and shopping, we set out towards the Kansas City Country Club Plaza with our car loaded down with random items from our old apartment, Wal-Mart sacks full of must-haves for our new house, Mexican food leftovers and two Starbucks treats.

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, the Plaza in Kansas City has a big lighting party where they turn on all of the lights that line each of the buildings. It’s quite a site to see, and a very festive atmosphere for Christmas shopping, dining and meeting up with friends. It was officially 5 degrees when we ventured to the Plaza, so I couldn’t bear to be out of the car for too long to snag some really amazing photos for you. :) But, here’s what we captured!



Oh, Barnes and Noble, don’t you look so warm and inviting! :)


I love all of the towers and spires that add to the very European feel of the Plaza. 


Doesn’t this photo feel cold to you? I think I got the chills just looking at it… :)


After our stint on the Plaza, we headed to the Crown Center area to check out the Mayor’s Christmas Tree! I was surprised to see the fountains in front of the tree still on, but loved the effect! Jeff and I did part of our engagement photos IN the fountain (during the summertime), and I’d love to try that again sometime… anyone interested? :)


I hope the few days leading up to Christmas don’t stress you out… that’s not what it’s all about! :) So even if your car is loaded down with 500 million things that you should be attending to… take a minute, grab some Starbucks and your sweetheart, and enjoy the season!


6 Responses to “Kansas City Plaza Christmas Lights”

  1. Melissa B Says:

    oh my goodness Erica you captured the Plaza lights perfectly. You are a little crazy for running around outside in the cold. KC has really been hit hard with this freeze. I love the winter, but am ready to defrost a little. By the way, if you are ever up for sharing/teaching someone how to take night pictures that are so clear and beautiful, give me a call :D

  2. Beth Says:

    Erica, those are amaaaaaaaaazing! I love the plaza! Unfortunately I don’t get down there as much as I used to. So, I was so glad to see your photos!

  3. Abby White Says:

    Great photos, Erica! On your Mayor’s Christmas Tree photo, look a little to the left, and then up about 8 floors and you’ll see me, hard at work at Fleishman-Hillard! That tree and the fountains are the only thing that make leaving work after dark bearable in the winter! I walk right by there every day on my way to the parking garage.

    Merry Christmas to you and Jeff!

  4. Andrea Foxworthy Says:

    These are SO beautiful. The second to last is my favorite! Gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  5. Christine Says:

    Awesome photos!! I haven’t been to the Plaza during the holidays for several years, so it’s fun to see your photos of them. The tower-y, European feel is totally why I love the Plaza so much! Maybe when it’s warm (I’m with you on spending the winter someplace warm!), I’ll have to go down for a Plaza/fountain photo shoot with you! Happy Holidays!

  6. Bree Says:

    Your pictures on the plaza are awesome! I’ll take pictures in the fountains! (in warm weather)That would be fun! We were thinking of doing pictures in the near future!

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