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Christmas Capture Contest Winning Family December 23, 2008

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Several weeks ago, we finished up the ericamay photography 2008 Christmas Capture Contest. Out of the several finalists, a big group of blog readers, wedding clients and friends read and voted for the winning family. And just in time for Christmas, we were able to meet up to take photos of Dean and his family.

If you missed the results post, here’s the nomination for their family:

I would like to nominate Dean Purkeypile’s family for the Christmas Contest.  Dean is fighting for his life with Leukemia.  As Christmas approaches, memories surface of past Christmases and family.  I remember the profound joy of spending time with family that included Dean. As my cousin, Dean made up the Purkeypile family which enveloped all with a kind word and laughter.  As a Christian man, Dean lives his life in faith. In life, loving is a gift we can give to each other. During this Christmas time, I believe a gift I can give back to my cousin is the gift of love…a portrait of his wife and family, especially his little grandson, Max.

Because the precautions given to patients undergoing cancer treatments and the freezing cold weather in Kansas City right now, we searched for an indoor location that would give us enough space and freedom for photos, but wouldn’t be overcrowded. They suggested the KU Medical Center, and we were able to capture some really great images with the whole family.

A few of the group shots:



I love these photos of Dean and his wife Bonnie. I wish all parents took more photos together.



Dean’s youngest son and his new wife as of Thanksgiving weekend — the newlyweds!


I’m also a big fan of mother-daughter photos… aren’t these ladies just beautiful? 


And one of all “the guys” — Dad, sons, and grandson!


Okay, now prepare yourself for a cuteness overload. I’d love to have a full photography session of just this little guy, grandson Max… if you have time for a session before you move to New York, call me! :)



I love this photo of Mom and baby… doesn’t look like it was taken in a lobby, does it? :)


There is a whole series of photos with Max’s hair all crazy like this. Dads are so fun, aren’t they? :)



And how precious is this? This is why I love relaxed portrait sessions… natural, real moments are preserved.


Thanks so much for allowing me to capture images of your family during this Christmas season! May 2009 be filled with blessings and joy for you all!

Family and friends, click here to sign the guest book for the online album and receive notification when all of the images are available!


2 Responses to “Christmas Capture Contest Winning Family”

  1. Aaron Purkeypile Says:


    Thanks again for taking the time for our family! We are very impressed and really want to work another session in before we leave for NY. Thanks also for posting them so quickly and giving us a sneak peek!

    Let us know when we can see the rest of them!

    Aaron, Kerri & Max

  2. Kelly Wieser Says:

    I am Max’s Aunt Kelly. These pictures are absolutely fabulous. you captured Max’s personality beautifully. And it is so wonderful to see Dean’s family so happy this Christmas! What a wonderful gift!!

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