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Another random Monday! December 29, 2008

Okay, a quick update for all of you out there who are wondering if I’ve entered into a post-Christmas-food-overload coma. :) I’m alive and well and back from our holiday travels! What a whirlwind weekend, too!

Don’t be surprised if there’s a small blogging hiatus for the next few days… but here are the awesome things in store:

1. WEDDINGS!! — yep, that’s plural! We have not one, but two, awesome weddings coming up this week. We’ll first be capturing Stephanie and Daniel‘s big day… and then we’re headed to Manhattan for Nick and Sarah‘s nuptials! :)

2. Still more favorites from 2008 — we haven’t even made it to the dresses yet!! :) I promise we’ll still finish up our look at some of the best details of the 2008 wedding season, so you can vote for your favorites!

3. My home decor! We have more furniture and other items coming our way this week, so I’m hoping to get even more settled in our new house and actually show you all some photos of the inside!

4. 2009! Can you believe it’s almost here? I am so, so excited about all of the shoots already scheduled for 2009 (my 2009 wedding dates are almost all booked!).

5. More weddings! We have four weddings in January, so check back for these awesome winter-themed celebrations! Weddings in the midwest are usually so seasonal, so this will be a fun January!

The almost-newlyweds:sdchainlink



2 Responses to “Another random Monday!”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Gorgeous, Erica! (And thanks for the prompt reply!) It’s great to know that you’re almost totally booked for ’09. Good for you!

  2. great images! thanks for stopping by our blog! hope santa was good to you and have a safe and awesome new year!

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