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K-State Wedding: Nick and Sarah’s Manhattan Celebration! January 7, 2009

So remember when I promised you more images of Nick and Sarah’s January wedding in Manhattan? Well, here they are… all 40 of them! :) It was hard to narrow it down for these two, who have been such great friends to Jeff and I.

I just want to take a few lines out of this blog post to let you, Nick and Sarah, know how delighted we were to share your special day and witness your marriage! Nick, who would have guessed during our flight to D.C. a few years ago that we’d be celebrating your marriage like we did last weekend? And Sarah, how could we have predicted on that day that I found out that you were a HOBY alum that you’d one day marry my good friend and fellow HOBY enthusiast? :) I love the connections you two share, even before you knew it. I love your story, and the fact that there are many more memories to write in our history book! And while I love each of you separately, I love who you are as a couple even more. Awww… I’m just so happy for you!! :)

Okay, okay… on to the photos, right?!

Some of my favorite moments from any wedding are the preparations/getting ready shots. There’s still some nervous excitement, and brides look simply gorgeous putting on the finishing touches — especially Sarah!





Hee hee…look who it is! :) (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!).


Sarah’s best friend Kelli was her maid of honor — this photo just gets to me. Friendship is so important, and it’s so awesome to share special times with close friends!


Sarah had TWO incredibly fun pairs of shoes for her wedding day. The first, custom Nikes with “I Do” on the back — how cool is that? And the second, some really adorable purple (for K-State, obviously!) flats from Ann Taylor.



Even the super stylish and heartbreakingly cute ring bearer got in on the getting ready fun!


Nick and Sarah chose to see each other before the ceremony for photos with their wedding party and family members. I highly encourage couples to do this, since it gives us extra time for really creative, fun portrait sessions (either before the ceremony or off-site in between the ceremony and reception). It also gives the bride and groom the perfect time to catch a few minutes alone (well, with me!) to calm nerves, see each other without distractions, and really just soak in the moment of a wedding day. Plus, the photos are always so great. Like this shot of Nick, seeing Sarah for the first time… his expression is priceless.




Earlier in the day, before their ceremony, the weather was actually pretty bearable for January 3rd. :) I’m so glad we stole a few moments to head outside of the church for some portraits! You two look AMAZING!






Their ceremony was very traditional, personal, and moving. They incorporated a lot of family members into the ceremony as readers and communion servers, and their priest, Fr. Keith, knew them well. The shot below requires a little explanation. Nick is known for wearing a button on his shirt called the “Fun Meter” — so he can let everyone know just how much fun he’s having in a certain situation. :) Well, those of us who recognize Nick best with his Fun Meter on were disappointed that it wasn’t hidden beneath his jacket or under the lapel of his tux jacket. Apparently, so was Fr. Keith. :) When he mentioned it during his message, there was a chorus of laughter from the audience… including the photographer at the back. ;)






After the ceremony, the temperature had dropped 15 degrees or so and it was spitting an icy-rain mixture. Sarah and Nick, determined for fun K-State themed photos, said “let’s do it!” so we headed to  K-State’s Old Stadium for photos with the wedding party. I’m so glad we did!




The ladies did a great job of looking somewhat warm in the above photo… but what they really wanted to do was bundle up. :)


What a lovely bride! :)


The wedding party on the sidelines… you all look great!


Chris Hsieh of La Brisa Photography came along for the day’s festivities as well! I’m excited to see how this image turned out!


And a quick game of football with the guys… :)


A forgotten flower on the football field:


I love this image. It might be my favorite Nick-and-Sarah together shot.


Nick and Sarah’s wedding reception at the K-State Alumni Center was beautiful. And boy, can this group DANCE! If anyone needs dance lessons for their wedding, Nick’s brother and best man could probably offer some incredible private dance lessons… now, speech writing, on the other hand… well, he leaves that to the last minute. :) Still, it was a hilarious best man toast.



A moment between Sarah and her dad:


The dancing king himself (Rylan, I am so impressed!):


Although the ring bearer gave the best man a run for his money with his dancing skills… :)


I’m not quite sure what went down here, but it obviously embarrassed Sarah. :)


I love this photo (how many times have I said that in this one post? Ha ha!)… but seriously, people laughing and smiling at receptions make for such great photo memories.


And I’ll leave you with one last photo of the newlyweds!


Family and friends, click here to sign the guest book and be automatically notified when all of the photos are available for viewing online!

Nick and Sarah, many happy wishes to you both. I can’t wait to see you again after you’re all settled!


(If you missed the first preview post, check out those photos here!).


9 Responses to “K-State Wedding: Nick and Sarah’s Manhattan Celebration!”

  1. Sierra Says:

    Oh, count on Rylan to be funny! These pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Chris Says:

    love the pics! Thanks again for letting me tag along!

    Check your inbox for the picture in question :)

  3. Betsy Says:


    Your friendship for them really shines through on these images–they are amazing!! My favorites: The Ann Taylor shoes picture– I LOVE shoes, but that shot is more than just the shoes. Awesome composition, editing, etc.

    Love the second image, everyone helping her get on the dress. And the one of them with their party behind them in the stadium. You rocked it! :)

  4. rachel Says:

    i love the photos of the shoes. both. specifically the “I do” ones…that is so neat!

  5. Mandy Hank Says:

    I love your self portrait, I do that occasionally and don’t realize it but what I have realized lately is that I always seem to get a portrait of my car in every shoot I do- I just have that prime parking spot I guess.. :)

  6. […] planned another trip to see me the following weekend, in Manhattan. He came and stayed with our good friend Nick and we spent all sorts of time exploring Manhattan, being all nervously giddy and just reveling in […]

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