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Happy Birthday, Petey! January 12, 2009

My little guy is growing up! :) It’s so hard to believe that he’s a year old already… wow! The coolest part is that Petey is actually from a litter of puppies that my mom’s dog had! So we’ve experienced Petey’s life from the very beginning.


I remember on this day last year (oh boy, do I sound like a crazed doggie mom or what?!), I was talking to my mom on the phone right after all of the puppies were born — or so they thought! In the middle of the conversation, my mom said, “Whoops! Here comes one more! I’ll call you later!” Although I can’t prove this, I like to think that the bonus puppy was our little Petey.


He was the runt. The littlest guy, with the sweetest little face and the teeniest paws ever. I loved him the most from the beginning, but we weren’t “ready for a dog yet.” So we said no, but kept talking about it. And kept visiting my parents (who live a few hours away) during the first several weeks of the puppies’ lives. So one by one, all of the little ones were taken to new homes (ALL in my extended family, I might add — we are schnauzer-crazed!), and little Petey (his name from the start) was still hanging around.

So, my parents said, “If you want him, here you go!” I honestly think they thought I’d change my mind. But I didn’t. Jeff and I took home our little boy — on a whim — but it was the best decision ever! :) I can’t imagine not having our sweet little cuddly boy around. :)



Today, Petey turns one year old. He’s hilarious, friendly, cuddly, a little mischevious… but most of all, he’s a lover. And we love him! :)

Speaking of loving your dog, we saw Marley & Me on Friday night and I cried. And cried. And cried a little more on the way home. It’s a great movie, especially if you have a dog. I highly recommend it for anyone who ever thinks their dog is too much to handle (which, of course, does not include Petey! Ha ha!). Seriously, though, it’s a moving story about life.

Happy Birthday, Petey!


P.S. Does anyone have a doggie cupcake recipe? :)


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Petey!”

  1. Gina Says:

    Oh my gosh. I saw Marley & Me on Saturday, and had the exact same reaction…I couldn’t stop crying even when we got home, I just couldn’t get over it! And for the rest of the day, I took my dogs with me wherever I went! They even came on a photo shoot! :)

  2. Chris Says:

    PETEY!!!! Happy Birthday little buddy! i still can’t believe I haven’t taken like 5 billion pictures of you (hint hint ericamay)! You’re so stinkin cute! :)

  3. Abby White Says:

    Happy Birthday, Petey! I bawled and bawled during and after Marley and Me, too. Such a good movie!

  4. Terah Baldridge Says:

    He is so darn cute!

  5. Michelle Whitesell Says:

    I’m so glad that others cried during Marley and Me – and it wasn’t just me!! What a great movie!

  6. klsumpter Says:

    aw… Happy Birthday Petey!!! I must see the movie now. I imagine I’ll be balling with everyone too…

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