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Kansas Wedding: Kim and Theron January 12, 2009

Kim and Theron were married this past weekend in a neat venue outside of Augusta, Kansas. I didn’t meet Kim and Theron until their wedding day, and it was such a relaxed setting that really allowed their friends and family to interact and be a part of their big day. It’s always fun to be a part of wedding days where the bride and groom really have the time to socialize with their wedding guests, and I’m sure they appreciate it, too!

The ladies arrived at the venue pretty much ready to go, with a quick stop to freshen their make-up and put on their custom-made dresses!


I love this shot, not only from an artistic standpoint (sweet lines!), but also because I snagged this shot of the bride herself sneaking photos of the guests as they arrived. :) Too great!


Kim and Theron braved the cold January weather for outdoor portraits right before sunset. I told you it would be worth it! :) There’s nothing I love more than outdoor portraits of the bride and groom… if I’m your photographer (and even if I’m not!) we have to talk about how to incorporate and outdoor session into your shoot. We spent less than 10 minutes outside and it’s SO worth it!




I love this one, how you can just barely see Kim’s smile peeking out! So cute!


It almost looks warm in this photo, doesn’t it? :) I love silhouettes with veils… the way they catch the light is so cool!


A quiet moment between the bride and groom, post-ceremony:


This wedding reception had so many super cute kids there! I love this one, as the sun was setting through the windows… what a cute miniature shadow! :)


What’s a wedding reception without matchbox cars? :)



These kids sure loved Theron! I believe this might have been a game of tag… :)


The wedding cake!


The venue had lots of neat light, plenty of space, a spiral staircase, a loft (perfect for spying on guests as they arrive!), and the staff was amazing!


The bride and her grandma, sharing a dance:


And one last photo of the happy couple!


Kim and Theron, thanks for choosing me to capture your big day! Wedding guests can click here to see the entire photo gallery when it’s online!


2 Responses to “Kansas Wedding: Kim and Theron”

  1. Mary Says:

    Erica, you are an excellent photographer!! I’m sitting here at my desk crying while enjoying these pictures. You did an excellent job of caputring Kim and Theron and all the kid moments. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Erica, your pictures look wonderful. I love the way that you see light in the different scenes, and you were really able to bring out the brides eyes. Best wishes on 2009. Hoffmann

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