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My brother, the stylish. January 13, 2009

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My younger brother is a sophomore in high school, but way beyond his years in his sense of humor, insight, style and coolness. :) He’s always been a source of entertainment and we’ve always been close (we spent a lot of summers together, me teaching him Phonics and feeding him Spaghetti-Os… yeah, I was such a cool sister! Ha ha!). Anyway, he came out pretty great and it’s always fun to see Jacob. 

We were back in my hometown area last weekend, when he happened to be getting ready for his high school’s Snowball Dance. I talked him into a few photos before he left, and he agreed (that’s why I love him!). So we captured some very Sinatra-esque photographs and then he was off! :)


I call this one Man of Mystery. :)


And my favorite! The moon was SO bright that night, and I desperately wanted to catch him in the moonlight,  but instead, I opted for headlights! :) The outdoor photos are taken with the car headlights pointed out into the yard. It’s a good thing my family lives in the country! 


Thanks for being such a good sport, Jakey. :)


6 Responses to “My brother, the stylish.”

  1. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    I absolutely LOVE, love, love them! He is a cool dude!

  2. Mandy Hank Says:

    The third one is my favorite- he IS very stylish! :) Way cool

  3. Chris Says:

    second one is my favorite! love the b&w and use of negative space! awesome!

  4. kasie Says:

    what a stud! :)

  5. Kristen Says:

    Those look great!

  6. Heather Says:

    Erica, these pics of Jake are absolutely fabulous! Man of mystery….and the moonlight is just breathtaking!

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