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Kansas City Brides Blog! January 14, 2009

Hey, all of you brides! :) I know you are all in the midst of wedding planning — either just starting out (those of you who got engaged over the holidays!), halfway there (wondering what you should be working on right now!) or almost there (the end — er, beginning!! — is in sight!).

Have you checked out yet? They have this awesome feature — the Bride’s Blog! Guest bloggers — brides, just like you — write posts about their own personal wedding planning experiences. I am so excited to let you all know that one of our very own ericamay brides, the fantastic and funny Beth is their newest bride blogger (her engagement photos from last September are shown here)!


To read Beth’s first piece of advice, click here for the blog. She’ll be posting again in the coming months until her May wedding!

If any of you are interested in being a KC Bride Blogger and helping other brides sort through all of the details that come with planning a memorable and personal wedding day, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get you in touch with the wonderful people behind the scenes of!



Don’t miss Beth’s blog — and leave her a comment while you’re there!


2 Responses to “Kansas City Brides Blog!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Oh now I was just so excited to see these pictures on your site again! What a nice surprise! Thanks for the props!!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Hey Erica! I just recently started blogging again–once I got over the fact that I didn’t HAVE to blog, thanks to Harvey’s class! :)

    Your site is awesome and I just love looking at your blog- your pictures are amazing! I can’t wait for the Krueger’s to get their photo shoot with you this spring. I have also told some other people at work about you, I will be like “she does awesome photos, let me show you what she does, she has a blog and a website!!”

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