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Kind words, cool blog. January 22, 2009

Last week, I shared with you a little tip about‘s Bride’s Blog. It’s a great resource for Kansas City brides (and non-Kansas City brides, too!) to get ideas, advice and follow someone else’s journey through wedding planning. I was so excited when ericamay bride Beth joined the bride blogging team… so imagine my excitement when I read an entry about how she chose her photographer — me! :)

Beth, your words are so kind and so sweet… and reminded me exactly why I love what I get to do. Being involved in your special day is one of the most fun, challenging, creative and rewarding things I could ever do. Thanks for trusting me with your memories.

Here’s a little bit of what Beth wrote (for the rest of her story and advice, click here!):

“…Pictures are so important and being on a budget, I wanted to leave room to spend what I needed to so that I would have the best pictures! I can’t tell you how many countless hours I spent online looking at people’s pictures. Just looking at pictures wasn’t making my decision any easier…I wanted to be able to trust my photographer…really know and trust them! This is where fate stepped in…

(click here to read about how she found ericamay photography!)

…Once I arrived home after a fun weekend, I hopped on the net, and there she was…my photographer! I could see in her photos that she was really capturing moments and memories, not just poses and fake, forced smiles! I love creative and personal shots…ones that are candid.

After Geoff & I met with Erica, we knew that she was perfect for the job! She is not only my photographer, but someone who I can trust and who I look to for advice about my big day…I am a lucky bride!”

Beth, you are too sweet! Can’t wait for your big day in May!

And a big thanks to Breanna for being a part of our “fate.” :)



4 Responses to “Kind words, cool blog.”

  1. rachel Says:

    that photo is awesome.


    i think the photo you took of Beth’s engagement ring is my favorite “ring shot” you’ve taken…(next to mine of course) :)

  2. Beth Says:

    No problem Erica!! I am sooooo excited:)
    I love that ring shot too…I guess I’m biased!

  3. Those sweet comments don’t surprise me at all! They are a great representative of who you are!

  4. Breanna Says:

    Hey! You’re welcome! I’m glad you found eachother. :)

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