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All Dogs Go To… Kansas City? January 25, 2009

This weekend, our house was filled with dogs! Jeff’s family came for a visit and brought along Barkley (Jeff’s parents’ Cairn Terrier) and Piper (Jeff’s sister and brother-in-law’s Boston Terrier) to play with Petey! I captured a few images of them in the living room this afternoon… so cute! :)

I LOVE this one of Barkley — check out those big brown eyes! :)


And Miss Piper:


And Petey, fresh from the groomer, who cut his beard just a little too short… hee hee. :)




A little dog-playing action shot! :)


Oh, those floppy little ears. :) I definitely don’t regret leaving his ears long, instead of cropping them like most people do with schnauzer puppies.


Piper is the only girl of the bunch, and she spent all weekend trying to meet our new next-door neighbor’s dog, who is also a Boston Terrier. Sadly, they never got to meet, but Piper still gave  Petey a run for his money. She also has the best voice/bark… basically, she sounds like a turkey! :)


Barkley is the oldest of the group, and he likes to spend most of his time cuddling, going from lap to lap. :)


Petey got in some quality time with his “grandparents” — he’s a little lover! :)



And, one more… to leave you with a laugh. :) Barkley has the best hair that stays however you style it — here he is sporting a very stylish mohawk, courtesy of Jeff. :)


Oh, dogs. They are such a joy! Do you have a dog? What kind is it? Don’t you just love how affectionate they are? :)


6 Responses to “All Dogs Go To… Kansas City?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Great photos – as always! Thanks for being such great hosts, and we’re already looking forward to our next visit!

  2. Beth Says:

    Oh how I wish you could meet our family dog, Libby! She is a RIOT! We adopted her a couple of years ago from the Safe Harbor Prison Dog program. She is quite unique bc when she was a pup, another dog bit her in the mouth, causing an infection. So, she is lacking a little lip on one side. She looks like Elvis now…kinda snarly. I like to call her Lippy hahahaha! She’s a lab mix and absolutely solid muscle…a wonderful combo. She has developed quite the fascination with shoes recently…oh boy…

  3. Ah, this really makes me want a dog.

  4. Melissa Dinsmore Says:

    Barkley is adorable! He reminds me Ruff-Ruff, our terrier growing up. Of course Piper and Petey are also very lovable…you can’t leave any of them out! Molly’s puppies are all so quirky, Petey makes me laugh!

  5. mavismolly Says:

    These are great pics of the dogs…….you do have an eye for them.
    I’ve also dedicated a blog to Holly (the dog). We are in Hong Kong but you’re cordially invited to visit the below and comment:

    Hello from Hong Kong.

  6. Heather Says:

    That last pic is priceless…you never cease to amaze me E!

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