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Engagement: Marisa and John at Kansas City’s Union Station February 4, 2009

I met Marisa and John for the first time this past weekend after several weeks of chatting about their wedding on the phone. I was already excited about their wedding before I met them, but after spending time with them (and the ADORABLE boys!), I’m even more excited to make the trip to Garden City, Kansas, for their wedding in May. Yes, that’s right. Garden City.

They made the 7+ hour drive to Kansas City for their engagement session. John wanted a modern, urban feel. Marisa wanted the great outdoors. So, like anyone entering a marriage relationship knows how to do, we compromised. :)

We started out in Union Station, the gorgeous and historic train station in downtown KC. The light was beautiful streaming through the tall windows.



Then we headed right outside — these are taken outside the modern building where Science City is housed, connected to the old traditional station.



Any time there are young kids — especially boys — in a photo shoot, I always look for locations that can engage their interest, so the photography portion isn’t so boring. The old trains outside of the station were perfect, and helped capture some candid shots of their adventurous spirit… as well as some great family photos!





Marisa and John are so cute! :) I love these next two images.



Our next stop was the front of Union Station, for some architecture-focused shots with a little wide-angle lens action…



It’s hard to resist the fountains at Crown Center, especially with two little boys!


Here, they were trying to convince each other to run through the fountain… guess who had the courage to actually do it? The little guy… :)


Our next stop was for more outdoorsy photos, since they’re from a farming community and didn’t want all of the images to be really Kansas City-focused. So, we were off to the park!



Huge piles of leaves offered some entertainment for the boys, and some great photos of boys being boys.


And, one more of the happy couple!


Marisa and John, I am so excited to see you again in May. You were so awesome to work with!

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4 Responses to “Engagement: Marisa and John at Kansas City’s Union Station”

  1. Mandy Hank Says:

    These are great Erica! Awesome, I love the location too- great job

  2. Jennifer Says:

    great pics

  3. Betsy Says:

    You are on a roll, Erica. LOVE the images at Union Station. I can’t even tell you how WONDERFUL Spread the Love was! I’ll be posting soon. These pictures are beautiful.

  4. Jeana Says:

    Love the Pics!!

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