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Sneak Peek: Kelsey and Danny’s KU Engagement Photos February 15, 2009


Jeff and I shot Kelsey and Danny’s engagement photos this afternoon, and I am SO excited about these images! I can’t wait to share the entire post with tons of photos from their entire shoot, but for now here’s a few from one portion of our session to get you by. :)

Details coming with the next post… I bet you’re wondering how we got access to the KU football stadium, huh? Oh, the suspense!




Kelsey and Danny, I promise I won’t keep you waiting very long for more! You guys are amazing!


One Response to “Sneak Peek: Kelsey and Danny’s KU Engagement Photos”

  1. […] enough waiting for the football stadium photos! :) In case you missed yesterday’s post, click here to see it. As we were walking around near the football stadium, I mentioned how I’ve always wanted to […]

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