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Brody the Maltepoo! February 18, 2009

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I couldn’t help myself. I had to share a few more photos of Kelsey and Danny‘s adorable 2-year-old Maltepoo, Brody! He a Maltese-Poodle mix (obviously!) and is so incredibly cute. His curly hair is so soft, I just wanted to cuddle up with him!

I think Brody has a serious future in doggy modeling. Next time, Kelsey, we’ll bring a wardrobe. :)





What a cutie! I’m looking forward to a miniature schnauzer (Petey) meets maltepoo (Brody) playdate! :) Anyone else want to join us?


One Response to “Brody the Maltepoo!”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    Too cute! I’m so in love with all of the Brody pics! You are just awesome Erica! I agree, Brody and Petey need a playdate for sure! Who ever would have thought we would be the crazy “dog mom’s”!?!?!? Ha!

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