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#65: Have a night out with Kasie February 21, 2009

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We met as first-graders in Mrs. Thompson’s class. I was new to the school. I think we first interacted on the playground. She says I stole her friend. I can’t verify or deny that accusation, but what I do know is that she got over it. And eventually, SHE became my best friend. First grade. 6 years old.

And here we are,  18 years later. Still friends. The best of friends, really. She’s the one person in the world who quite possibly knows more embarrassing stories about me than my husband. She’s the one person in the world who I can say one single word to and we instantly know what inside joke it relates to. She’s the one person who stood by me through all of my phases — stretch pants, scrunchies and all.

Having a friend like that who you can count on no matter what is a treasure. I am so blessed to call Kasie my BFF after all of these years, through elementary school, the tumultuous middle school era, high school drama, college in separate cities, and eventually, as roommates before we both got married. And after, we even lived in apartments right behind each other (seriously, we could see in the windows) for about six months. Someday, we’ll write a book. For now, you get a blog post.

I didn’t realize when I put #65 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days that it would actually be this difficult to schedule. Being a grown-up is like that. :) We haven’t hung out by ourselves (not that we don’t love our husbands… we hang out together with them all the time!) in a really long time. It’s nice to be silly and carefree and spend quality time with someone who just “gets” you no matter how silly you can get. And it’s nice to talk in inside-joke-code as much as we want without having to explain the stories… that usually aren’t very funny to anyone else. :)

So tonight, we spent a night at dinner, Wal-Mart (preparing for my new secret project for my office), Starbucks and my house… watching some ridiculous old videos of us that were recently uncovered by my parents. 

Kasie, you’re the best. Thanks for being my friend always.



(Photos from the iPhone!)


One Response to “#65: Have a night out with Kasie”

  1. kschaef Says:

    you my friend, are swift…
    and tonight blessed my little heart.
    i am such a lucky gal.
    much love. :)

    (i hate that wal-mart…stupid circle aisles.) ;)

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