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Tweet, tweet. February 25, 2009

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After hearing from so many photographer friends how cool Twitter is and how it connects them instantly… I gave in. I created a Twitter account last night, and I’m just trying to figure it all out. It’s simple. I like that. It makes people accessible. I like that, too. And it only wants to know the answer to one question:

What are you doing?

So, if you care what I’m doing at random times when I decide to update my Twitter status, look me up! My Twitter name is, of course, ericamay. I’d love to find people I know on there, so I’m not just talking to myself… :)

Click on the logo below to sign up and look me up!


Also, does anyone know how I can add a twitter feed to my blog? Can I do it with a WordPress blog? If you have all sorts of technological secrets, leave me a comment! :)


One Response to “Tweet, tweet.”

  1. Mandy Hank Says:

    Ha ha- my husband told me if I joined twitter he’d divorce me. He knows I’m addicted to Facebook and twitter is worse. LOL

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