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Photographer Hang-out time with Sarah Jeanne Hill February 28, 2009

Today I got to have lunch and meet in person the lovely Miss Sarah Jeanne Hill, a photographer in Manhattan, Kansas, who is starting her career as a wedding and portrait photographer. Sarah is well on her way to having an awesome business with a great portfolio! She has been doing absolutely everything the right way — learning, learning, learning! She’s been shadowing our friend Chris Hsieh with La Brisa Photography since early last fall, and Sarah’s starting to shoot weddings for herself this summer! I was very excited to have some time to hang out with Sarah, share some of the things I’ve learned in my own journey, and encourage her to keep doing what she’s doing! :)

After a delicious breakfast-for-lunch, we headed back to my house to let my poor husband in (who I had mistakenly locked out of the house… oops!), and it turned into a great time to really show Sarah hands-on all of the things we had chatted about over our biscuits and gravy. :)

I was explaining to her how Adobe Photoshop Lightroom transformed my editing process, cut the turnaround time way down (meaning my clients get to see their photos faster — who doesn’t love that?!), and how easy it is to use. To demonstrate this editing tool and to show her a little bit of my post-processing workflow, we did an impromptu less-than-5-minutes portrait shoot in my office. 

Sarah looks just gorgeous for me asking her to get in front of my camera spur of the moment. :) So, Sarah, Lightroom makes the process easier, but YOU make the photos awesome!



And, some black and white processing:


My favorite… you can see her fun personality in this one! :)


Sarah, best wishes with your journey in photography! You are headed for such great things! :) 

Check out Sarah Jeanne’s blog and leave her an encouraging note! :)


3 Responses to “Photographer Hang-out time with Sarah Jeanne Hill”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Erica, I wish I was closer so I could do the same thing and learn your post processing work-flow! Alas, I get all the tips via email, which I thank you for. Maybe someday when you do a workshop… (Yes, that is a hint!)

  2. Sarah Jeanne Says:


    You are too nice!! Thanks again for allowing me to ask you a million questions! :) I enjoyed our time together and can’t wait for some more meeting times in the future!

  3. Chris Says:

    isn’t Sarah awesome??? and gorgeous too? what a package! i feel incredibly blessed to have her shoot with me when she can!

    great photos!!! is that the 50 1.4?

    workshop is a must ericamay!

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