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Weekend with the In-laws March 16, 2009

You’ve heard all the jokes about them. You’ve seen it in sitcoms. You probably heard horror stories before you got married. You might have even made a few comments about your own… yes, I’m talking about in-laws. And, fortunately, I don’t have ANY jokes, sitcom situations or horror stories to share about mine. I have been extremely blessed with the best in-laws in the world. If I was a lottery-playing type of girl, I’d say that I won the in-law jackpot. :)

We headed out of Kansas City on Friday evening to spend a weekend with the wonderful people I’ve called my family for the last year and a half. Our weekend included lots of food (Jeri is an awesome cook!), lots of dogs (of course!), and lots of random family time.

Some highlights include… practicing golf swings in the backyard:



Planting potatoes… yes, potatoes.





And, uh, Riverdance? :)




Quality time with dogs:




I’m going to try to make some stop-motion videos with our footage from the cartwheels, jumping and spinning. I’ve been wanting to try that for a while, so I’ll post here if it’s a success. :)

Coming soon… Miss Piper the Boston Terrier gets a post of her very own!


One Response to “Weekend with the In-laws”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I think this is one of my favorite ericamay blog posts to date. :) I’m glad you love my family as much as I do!

    … sheesh, I make riverdance look good.

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