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Troy’s 4-month portraits: Kansas City baby photography March 29, 2009

Hey there, blog readers! :) Thanks for not giving up on me last week with my one post all week long. I’m back to blogging and so excited to kick off another great week with photos of this little cutie! Troy just turned 4 months old, and he’s the newest little one to join our First Year package for babies, so you’ll be seeing him again at 8 months and 1 year! :)

I met Troy and his parents in their home this afternoon — the day after a huge springtime snowstorm. So, we stayed inside and still captured some great photos of Troy being his cute little self! 

Check out his big blue eyes!



I knew we were in for an easy portrait session when I was greeted right away with big smiles. Troy is such a happy boy!




And I love serious faces — babies often get so curious about the clicking noise my camera’s shutter makes, which gives us some intense staring-into-the-camera faces that I love.


Troy really wanted to get to his toes. He succeeded. :)


Here are those cute little toes, caught in the reflection on the coffee table:


I love watching moms and dads with their babies. These photos of them interacting are so sweet.




One of my favorites… the cool green wall is in their kitchen (proof that we can do a fun photo session absolutely anywhere!).


And one more… because he’s too cute to not share another! :)


I can’t wait for our next two sessions to see how handsome Troy gets over the next several months. :)

If you’re interested in a First Year package for your newborn, send an e-mail to me[at]ericamay[dot]com for more details, or visit the contact page on — it’s a great way to document your baby’s changes over the first year of their life!


5 Responses to “Troy’s 4-month portraits: Kansas City baby photography”

  1. Betsy Says:

    These are gorgeous, Erica! Love them all; my favorite is definitely the first one- the Mom’s coordinating colors in her shirt, the big baby blue eyes, and the receding line toward the end of the couch. Gorgeous!

  2. Emily Beaty Says:

    How cute. Love his big blue eyes! The second image is my fave. He’s got such a great smile, too. :)

  3. Mandy Hank Says:

    What a happy little boy- so cute!! :)

  4. […] and before you know it, they’re headed off to college. :) The last time I saw little Troy, he was just 4 months old. Now he’s just turned 9 months old and I can’t believe how big he is! He was all smiles […]

  5. Patsy Totten Says:

    I am Troy’s Great-Grandma and really enjoy looking at the pictures that are made. You really do a great job.

    Patsy Totten

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