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Calling All Photographers! April 1, 2009



Yes, that’s right. I need your help!

If you’ve followed the ericamay photography blog for very long, you’ve heard about my involvement with Operation: Love Reunited, an organization comprised of volunteer photographers who provide portrait sessions to the families of deployed soldiers at no charge.

I have been doing quite a number of these free sessions for the families of members of our Armed Forces lately, which I’m very excited about. I love giving back. It’s just engrained in who I am. If I could’ve been a professional volunteer, I would have been. You think I’m kidding. :) So since I can’t do that, I do use my profession and my craft to volunteer in a way that blesses families, their deployed loved ones and helps to boost the spirits of people going through really tough times. I’ve met some great people, made friends and have become a part of people’s lives through my participating in OpLove. It’s amazing.


So why do I need your help?

I was recently asked to plan an entire day of portrait sessions for families at Fort Leavenworth who are part of the Waiting Families organization (meaning they have immediate family members currently serving overseas). I am so excited about the chance to serve a large group of families by hanging out at Fort Leavenworth all day and shooting 30 minute sessions for these families. Alone, I can do about 15 sessions. As a group, the organization serves 200 families. Yes, 200.

So I’m only able to scratch the surface with photographing 15 families. That’s where you come in. If you’re currently an OpLove photographer, wonderful. If you’re not, that’s okay too… as long as you’re okay with working within the guidelines of the organization. We’re looking for professional photographers who can give all day or even just a few hours of their time to the families at Fort Leavenworth!

I have all sorts of details for you if you’re available and interested, so please send me an e-mail (me[@]ericamay[dot]com) or a message through the contact form at, or a comment with your e-mail address so I can get in touch with you! 

The basics of what I’m looking for:

1. Professional photographers

2. At least 3-4 hours of time on April 18th in Leavenworth

3. The willingness to provide free portrait sessions

4. The ability to send 4×6 albums of prints directly overseas to soldiers at no cost

5. The availability of all the images online to the family members for additional ordering (optional)

6. A fun attitude, a giving heart, and a desire to help! :D

If you’re interested, please get in touch with me. The response has already been huge… so the more, the better! :)I’d love to share more details about this exciting way to give back something to the families who are sacrificing sooo much so their husbands/wives/moms/dads can serve our country overseas.

I’m headed out to do an OpLove session this evening, so watch for those photos later!!


10 Responses to “Calling All Photographers!”

  1. Betsy Says:

    How I wish I wasn’t in CT, and closer to Ft. Leavenworth… Good for you, Erica! I can’t wait for my first OpLove session here! :)

  2. Kristen Says:

    I am so bummed I’ll be in Chicago!!!! I signed up for OpLove and haven’t had any chances to do a session yet. BUMMER! I wish I could make it!!!

  3. ericamay Says:

    oh, i wish you two could come also! :) i’m really hoping we can rally some photographer support!

  4. Kim K Says:

    oh i would love to help! I have a shoot that morning that I am confirming. I can let you know for sure when I hear back from them. If they cancel I would love to come up there and shoot with you. My email address is

  5. jenifriend Says:

    i am already doing a photo session in the morning on the 18th, but if anything falls through i will let you know erica!

  6. Mandy Hank Says:

    You know I’d be there in a heart beat if I was closer! Can’t wait to see the images :)

  7. Rebecca Says:

    Aww man…a Saturday!?!? I am shooting a wedding — let me see if I can get anyone else from my photo-contacts to do this…

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  10. klsumpter Says:

    Ahhh! I wish I would have read this sooner! I would have loved to come out and practice my learning skills :) but I have a dance competition…..ARG! I have a feeling the two jobs I love are going to interfere with one another a lot!

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