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Olivia Belle: Baby Portraits April 5, 2009

My good friends Kipp and Breanna had their first baby in the middle of February — blessing the world with this little cutie, Olivia Belle. You might remember Breanna’s maternity session last fall. We finally got to meet her yesterday during a trip to Manhattan, and of course we captured some portraits of her! At right around 6 weeks old, you can already see her funny personality, and the resemblance she has to her parents!

Okay, on to the photos:



I love her cheeks and her cute little chin! :)


Isn’t she so pretty?



These photos of the new parents and their little girl are just precious. I think Olivia will appreciate these when she’s older.



See the family resemblance in this next one?? Two lovely ladies (lucky Kipp!). :)


This one makes me feel all cozy and snuggly. :) So adorable.


Kipp and Breanna, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I can’t wait to see what an awesome girl she becomes!


5 Responses to “Olivia Belle: Baby Portraits”

  1. Wow, so lovely. Well done, Erica! I especially love the last one.

  2. Beth Says:

    Aww…so cute!

  3. kasie Says:

    aw…she’s precious. :)

  4. Meryl Says:

    Breanna, I love the last one of you and Olivia…it’s so precious! I’m sure she’s such a joy!!

  5. klsumpter Says:


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