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Manhattan Kansas Engagement Photos: Amy and Brian April 9, 2009


Every once in a while, I have the awesome experience of working with clients who make me look really good. They make my job easy. Almost too easy. :) Amy and Brian are one of those couples. They were so comfortable around each other and in front of the camera that all I had to do was react and catch their relationship on camera.

Jeff and I met up with them for their engagement session in Manhattan, Kansas. Most of our session took place at the K-State gardens, and we took advantage of the varying lighting outside — from really sunny to cloudy, as a storm moved in. The wind also played a large role in our session. :) Even though the gardens wasn’t all in bloom yet, it was still a great location for their shoot.



I tend to take a lot of close-ups. I hardly ever crop my photos during the post-processing, so I like framing my shots close to the “action” (in these, the emotion) and Jeff tends to rock the wide-angle lens during engagement sessions. It gives a really great variety during the session, and I love seeing the two perspectives.

So, here’s my view:


And Jeff’s (so cool!):


My view:


Jeff’s view:


Just as we were about to leave the gardens, a great cloud cover rolled in, so we were able to get some really romantic images in front of the main building, like this one:


In 1966, Brian’s grandfather opened Danenberg Jewelers in downtown Manhattan. The business is still in the family, and eventually Brian will take over the business. The jewelry store is obviously a very big part of the couple’s life and future, and it was also the site of Brian’s proposal! We headed to the store to take some of their engagement photos there, and I absolutely love these images. They are so personal to who they are as a couple… that’s what makes engagement sessions so much fun.


I love this next one. This was my view…


And Jeff’s (what a cool perspective with the old store front!)…


They also let us see the behind-the-scenes operation of the jewelry store and it was so awesome! I have never seen all of the tools and processes that go into making and resizing jewelry and it was so great. If you’re shopping for an engagement or wedding ring, definitely check out Danenberg Jewelers. I’m telling you, the people there are awesome. :) I have to share with you some detail shots of what’s behind-the-scenes. I love how intricate everything is… you know they’re giving you personalized attention!





And we’ll end with one of my faves! You two are just beautiful!


Amy and Brian, thanks so much for choosing me to capture your big day! I can’t wait to see you again in October!

Friends and family, click here to sign the online guestbook and you’ll get an e-mail when all of their photos are ready!


2 Responses to “Manhattan Kansas Engagement Photos: Amy and Brian”

  1. Amy Says:

    Erica- Thank you so much for capturing these images! We both especially like the pictures taken at the jewelry store. I’m so glad that we decided to go there. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend the afternoon taking pictures and getting to know you and Jeff, and look forward to seeing you again on our wedding day!

  2. Betsy Says:

    Erica, these last 2 sessions you posted are awesome! I’m LOVING the two perspectives of you and your husband; great addition to the blog. I’m like you; tending to get in close, and it’s so fun to see the wider angle shots. What lens is Jeff using on those? (Not that I need another lens right now, but…) :) Thanks for sharing these!

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