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I love Tax Day April 15, 2009

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April 15th.

That date makes most people cringe.

Except for me.

Because April 15th is the day that my husband asked me to be his wife. :)

And I said yes.


I thought I wouldn’t be surprised. I thought I’d see it coming. I thought he’d never pull off something so huge without me knowing. I thought wrong.

Jeff proposed — two years ago — in a ballroom that he had fake “proposed” to me a few years earlier, when we were “just friends.” That time, it was with a pink glow-in-the-dark plastic ring. This time, it was with his mother’s diamond.

I showed up at Wichita State University, the site for the annual HOBY leadership conference (where Jeff and I met when we were just 16). I was there under the ruse that we had a very important meeting with the staff at WSU and the staff of HOBY. Jeff, of course, couldn’t drive all that way from Missouri, and his friends, of course, were in town visiting him for the weekend. He was even talking with them in the background while I was on the phone.

So, imagine my shock when I arrived on the 3rd floor of the building (escorted by a fellow HOBY volunteer) to find a long line of candles leading into the ballroom. I thought we were in the wrong room, and headed back out the door. Sarah, the accomplice, looked at me and said “I think you might want to go in there…” :) Once I figured out who was standing in there, I said something so moving like, “What are you doing here?” :)

The rest is a blur. I know I was shaking, said yes a million times, and kept asking questions. The photo on the table is of us a few years before the real proposal, taken right after our pretend proposal.

Turns out ALL of my friends and family knew it was coming — they were all waiting at a surprise engagement party for me. And I thought none of them could keep secrets. I thought wrong.


It was the best day ever.

And that is why I love Tax Day. :)


8 Responses to “I love Tax Day”

  1. Beth Says:

    freaking precious…love it!

  2. Betsy Says:

    I love this story. And I love this blog. :) Happy Engagement Anniversary!

  3. Heather Morgan Says:

    Erica, I saw the pic and was like that looks like wsu and hoby then thought hoby isn’t in april. That story is so cool. Happy engagement anniversary!

  4. Rachel Says:

    oh fun times! And you thought we couldn’t keep a secret….pshhh! OH well, I guess I thought none of my friends could either :)

  5. Sarah Jeanne Says:

    (tear) love this story! :)

  6. aleks Says:

    aww… :)
    happy little tax day to you two…

  7. kasie Says:

    ha ha. so the computer must have been signed on to al’s gmail account when i wrote that…
    i love it. :)

  8. Jamie Says:

    That is a great story! You guys are so cute…

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