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My pretty friend Kali April 17, 2009


Last weekend, I got to hang out with my friends Kali and Kasie. We got together for a little photography tutoring and Kali volunteered to “model” for us for a few minutes while Kasie tried out various lighting situations and learned all of the fun details about ISO, aperture, shutter speed and everything else technical. :)

I took some shots of the lovely Kali and wanted to post a few here. She claims that she only likes “far away” photos of her, but I’m going to argue about this one. She has the prettiest eyes and takes awesome head shots! :) What do you all think? Feel free to leave a comment (just click on the Comments link at the bottom right of this post) and tell Kali how wrong she is. ;)


These were all taken in my house or on the front porch. :)




5 Responses to “My pretty friend Kali”

  1. Tyson Says:

    Erica was right…Kali – you look great in close-ups!

  2. klsumpter Says:

    You better tell that Kali that she is one beautiful girl and that many people think the same! :)

  3. kschaef Says:

    simply stunning. :)

  4. Joe Dvorak Says:

    I don’t know how you got her to take those shots, but I’m glad you did. Absolutely gorgeous!! Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful smile:)

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