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Kansas City Engagement Photos: Amanda and Chris, Nelson-Atkins April 28, 2009


Amanda and Chris are just one of those couples. One of those couples that you can’t help but like instantly. One of those couples who know — like, really know — each other so well. One of those couples who is dedicated to encouraging each other’s pursuits and growing together. One of those couples who spots a big red kickball in a field during their engagement shoot… and who want to take a break to go give it a big kick. :)

Amanda and Chris are just one of those couples who have the kind of love that I love. The kind of love that makes for great photos. And the kind of love that lasts.

I’m so excited to share these images of their engagement session at the Nelson-Atkins museum with you. I hope the photos do Amanda and Chris’ beauty — and their love — justice. :)






I love this little set…

Amanda and Chris have this great mix of being super playful and fun… and then being so sweet and cuddly. I love it!



After we visited the Nelson, Amanda mentioned that they love to drink coffee and go all the time. So we headed to the Plaza to Latte Land for some coffee and more photos.



Amanda and Chris, you both are awesome. I can’t wait for your wedding in October.

To see all of their engagement photos (and get an e-mail when they’re all ready), click here to sign the online guestbook.


6 Responses to “Kansas City Engagement Photos: Amanda and Chris, Nelson-Atkins”

  1. kravitzphotography Says:

    love that last shot! very cute! great work!

  2. Betsy Says:

    Erica, these are great! And I agree on the ring shot- so, so cool! I like the green cup sleeve color with the diamond. Spiffy! If she wants to share where she got it, I’m loving Amanda’s sweater… Think they have it in CT? :) Beautiful job; love the location, too.

  3. Emily Beaty Says:

    What an awesome location – i love the second image… beautiful colors! Good idea on the ring shot. :)

  4. I love the second picture! So beautiful and fresh!

  5. Susanne Hamker Says:

    My favorite picture is the first one, then the duo set (7th ones down) where Chris and Amanda are sitting on the ground. The ring picture atop the latte cup is fabulous too!

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