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Marisa and John’s Garden City Wedding May 5, 2009


This past weekend, Jeff and I traveled all the way to Garden City, Kansas, for Marisa and John’s wedding. I have never photographed a Garden City wedding before (and maybe I had never been to Garden City before…), so I was excited to have the chance to shoot in a new place! Marisa and John, along with their awesome families and tons of wedding guests, did not disappoint. It was a gorgeous wedding with beautiful people. Since you’ve been so patiently waiting for this post, I’m brining you tons of photos from their day. :)

We started off, of course, with the ladies getting ready at the church:



Secret: a crochet needle works wonderfully for hooking the threads around individual buttons on a wedding dress!


The bride’s bouquet:



John and Marisa saw each other before the ceremony, which gave us plenty of time for photos! I love these images from their “first sight” moment on their wedding day! John waiting on his bride:




Jeff’s shot (I wish I could claim this one):


Marisa’s elegant dress looked gorgeous with the train spread out:


John and his boys are equally as cute. Check out those adorable little guys in their tuxes!


Marisa was just stunning. Using John’s dad’s vintage car as a background for the photos was also awesome!




This one is Jeff’s view:





The ceremony was very personal and heartfelt. Wedding ceremonies and the traditions in them are definitely one of my most favorite parts to photograph. It’s so moving!

Marisa’s dad walked her down the aisle:




Jeff hid up close in the choir section of the church. We love it when churches allow us to get two very different perspectives on a ceremony. See how cool Jeff’s shots turned out? I love how close he is to the emotion and action!



Driving away after the ceremony:


The reception was at the Clarion (formerly the Plaza) Hotel in Garden City. It was just as elegant and well-done as the rest of the day’s details. I love the fun shots captured during the reception.

See what I mean about the details? This cake was incredible, both in looks AND taste!


The next image is from Marisa and John’s first dance. The dramatic, romantic effect with the lights is so fun. I wanted to capture the real feeling of their first dance, so I turned off my flashes during part of the dance to capture the moment as it happened.


The toasts were beautiful. Jeff captured both of the shots here from each of the toasts. Can’t you just feel the emotion? First is the bride’s sister and maid of honor giving a very heartfelt toast, and the second is the best man — and groom’s cousin — raising his glass to the newlyweds!



The garter tradition:


This shot (Jeff’s again) is just so sweet, and a moment that passed by quickly but is captured forever. Ahh, I love photography. :)


The dance was a fun party, with some of the best two-steppers in all of Kansas. :)






I’ll leave you with one portrait from our quick trip to Marisa’s family’s ranch, where we grabbed some photos with the field of cattle. This is a great example of how fun it is when couples personalize their wedding day and wedding photography to include things that are special to them! Aren’t they cute? :)


Marisa and John, I hope you’re having an awesome time on your honeymoon. Thank you for inviting us to capture your special day. For family and friends who want to see all of their photos, click here to sign the online gallery guestbook and you’ll be notified via e-mail when all of the images are available online!


3 Responses to “Marisa and John’s Garden City Wedding”

  1. Cindy and Joe Frasier Says:

    Great job on these memorable shots Erica and Jeff. Those of us who were unable to attend can feel the emotion, fun and celebration of the day. Very creative, especially the car and cattle!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I think the guy with the cowboy hat would be perfect for Jillian…

  3. Susan Solo Says:

    Erica, these are beautiful! You did such a great job covering this wedding from beginning-to-end. I’m a new fan of yours. :) (I love your 101 in 1001 list, too, by the way. I’m doing one as well!)

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