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Kansas City Family Photography: The Wilsons May 20, 2009


I met up with the Wilsons at their home for a fun family session — they were the first family to step up and participate in the awesome opportunity to help HOBY. It was fitting, too, since I first met R.J. when he was running the Kansas seminar and I was a high school volunteer. R.J. was one of the people who shaped my life and Jeff’s life early on… now, we’re doing what R.J. did when we were young. So I was very excited to meet the entire family and capture some great portraits of them in the front yard of their home!


R.J. and Julie have three gorgeous children… absolutely adorable.


James, the big brother:




Jenna, the middle sister:




And Joy, the baby sister… I’m titling these next several photos “Ode to the Third Child” — as my little brother can attest, there are never quite as many photos of the littlest sibling. So here’s little Joy, looking incredibly adorable:







And back to the whole family:



If one photo summed up family life, this one might be it… I love this — the giggling girls, the mischievous older brother jumping into the photo in the background — too funny:


I love sibling photos… personalities tend to shine through, and it’s so fun to capture that!


And one more shot of the whole family!


Wilsons, thanks so much for asking me to take your photos and for supporting HOBY! You have such a sweet family, and it was a joy to capture your kids’ personalities!

For others who are interested in taking part in our portrait special to benefit HOBY, click here for the details!


5 Responses to “Kansas City Family Photography: The Wilsons”

  1. jenifriend Says:

    such sweet photos!! and a high five to you for donating to such an amazing cause!!

  2. R.J. Says:

    Thank you so much for capturing these photos of my family. It actually brought a little tear to my eye looking at them. It is nice to take a step back from time to time and to realize how good life is, and has been, for us.
    The photographs are awesome and I sincerely appreciate your work. I have a feeling Julie will be choosing all of those posted photos to buy. I loved them all so much and loved helping HOBY in the process. Thank you and good luck to you and Jeff as you put on what I am sure will be another OUTSTANDING seminar that will shape our HS sophomores/juniors for many years to come.

    HOBY hugs,


  3. sheri Says:

    I really love that second to last one… you are right, totally sums up the family dynamic, which is precious. I love the idea of doing the family’s photos right in front of their home, too. well done.

  4. Susan Solo Says:

    You did such a great job of capturing individual personalities and also the family as a unit! These are adorable.

  5. Nanny Sandy Says:

    I just figured out how to view all of the photos (I am not at all good at facebook yet…still have much to learn. I love them all and of course would love to have them printed. Is that possible? Love to all of you, Sandy

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