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Outdoor Wichita Wedding: Allyson and Rafe – Part 2: Bride and Groom Portraits June 4, 2009

If you missed part one, click here to view the first set of images from Allyson and Rafe’s wedding day — some of the details and the preparations!

There were so many fun photos to share from their backyard wedding in Wichita (at Allyson’s family’s gorgeous home), that I’m breaking this up into sections. :)

Part two is here, and I’m going to dedicate this post to only the portrait session we did with Allyson and Rafe. These were all done in or around her parents’ backyard. They opted to see each other before the ceremony for a “first look” and portraits outside before the day’s festivities began. This works out especially well for weddings that have everything at one location.

So, on to their super sweet first look — under Allyson’s favorite willow tree in the front yard:



(This one is Jeff’s):


A few individual portraits:



The yard has some beautiful spots for photos with lots of shade, which was great since we were shooting in the middle of the afternoon heat on a 90+ degree day! :) I love these:





Allyson was seriously stunning.




And Rafe had the “handsome groom” look down… :) The first one is Jeff’s.



Allyson’s dad built this huge, awesome playground set in their backyard years ago. They repainted the set white for the wedding, and it was a great spot for photos.


Rafe proposed to Allyson on this merry-go-round after he planned out a reenactment of their first date. So cute.


I love this one Jeff captured of Rafe’s expression. Can you feel the love? :)


The rings!


There was a beautiful wheat field right next door. When I showed up, they said “We knew you’d be excited about that wheat field over there…” and they were all for heading out into the field for portraits. Do I have the best cliets or what?! We did these immediately after the ceremony, when the sun was lower in the sky and we had some beautiful golden light and storm clouds were headed in from all directions… except for right over the wedding. It was great!


Jeff’s shot:


And one more… :)


Stay tuned for the photos from the ceremony and reception! You won’t want to miss those… trust me! :)

For family and friends who want to see all of the images once they’re posted online, click here to sign the online gallery guestbook and you’ll get an e-mail when they’re ready! :)


4 Responses to “Outdoor Wichita Wedding: Allyson and Rafe – Part 2: Bride and Groom Portraits”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I love the last one. Of course, I love them all…but that last one is great…very artsy!

  2. kravitzphotography Says:

    oh that last shot is AWESOME!!!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I love every single one!!! Every time I look at your blog, I get more excited for next June :)

  4. Emily Beaty Says:

    ooooo I loveeeee the last one!!

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