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Engagement Photos: Mallory & Kylan, Kansas Farm/Eastborough Park June 12, 2009

Every once in a while I meet a couple who makes my heart so joyful. A couple whose love is so pure and sweet that I just want to sigh as I take their photos, edit their photos, and blog their photos. Mallory and Kylan are one of those couples. :)

Mallory is the cousin of one of my brides, Molly, and she caught the bouquet at her wedding. It just so happens that Kylan also caught the garter at that wedding. :) And now, here we are, a few months later doing their engagement photos!

We met before 7 a.m. (Gasp! I know! Are we crazy or what?!) because Mallory really wanted photos at her grandpa’s land out in the country near where I grew up. I knew that the best time for these type of photos would be in the morning light, so they gladly agreed and got up REALLY early to make the drive.




I asked Mallory to bring a quilt to sit on in the field… I didn’t know she’d bring the perfect quilt — a gorgeous handmade one that her great-grandmother crafted! Isn’t it beautiful?



I love this one. I didn’t even tell them to do this. Yes, they are just that cute.



After a wardrobe change and a little drive, we met up again at Eastborough Park in a little town within a town in Wichita. :) They went to this park on their first date, and then again when Kylan proposed. I love going to places that are special for a couple!





We were followed for most of our session by this cute little group of 11 baby ducklings! How sweet!



Seriously. Beautiful.



Mallory and Kylan, I loved meeting you in person and capturing your love. I can’t wait to be there for your wedding celebration!

Family and friends can click here to view all of the photos online once they’re ready to go! :)

(One more reminder… I’m still away having a great time with high school students who are learning about leadership and volunteerism at HOBY! If you’re trying to reach me and haven’t heard back, I promise I’ll be in touch early next week!).


7 Responses to “Engagement Photos: Mallory & Kylan, Kansas Farm/Eastborough Park”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Beautiful pictures… Mallory has a gorgeous smile! And I looove the ducklings :)

  2. Emily Beaty Says:

    Awhh I love the ducklings, too!! I’m glad you got that image of them. Sweet engagement session – I love the locations!

  3. Mallory Says:

    Aw Erica! I love these pictures; they are fantastic!!! You take amazing photographs. We had a blast that day! Thanks again :)

    And thanks Jamie! :)

  4. Sarah Says:

    These are so wonderful! The little ducks are soooo cute and Mallory’s dress is amazing :)

  5. Betsy Says:

    The light! The bokeh! The ducklings! The couple! Love all the images. Beautiful, Erica! ‘Hope you’re having a good time at HOBY- looking forward to the post on that… :)

  6. klsumpter Says:

    LOVE these! And the ducklings….how cute!!!!

  7. Susan Solo Says:

    Oh how darling! The ducks are so cute, too. :)

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