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Family Photos at Loose Park, Kansas City June 16, 2009

We are back from HOBY — it was an awesome experience, as always, and I’ll post more about it later! :) We’re trying to get back into the normal routine and play catch-up from all of the things we did right before we left for the conference. If you are waiting on your images, please know that we’re working very hard to get them all out as soon as possible! :)

The night before we left for HOBY, I met up with this adorable family at the park for photos. I don’t know that I’ve had a more smiley little baby boy than Matthew. :) He was so well-behaved and so fun to photograph!


The whole family was just great!



I love this — we have so many awesome photos of everyone smiling into the camera. Matthew is an 8-month-old model, I’m telling you! :)


Such a happy family… I love photos of babies with each of their parents. These are great to have now and in the future, when he grows up!



I love baby facial expressions! Matthew had just so many happy faces! :)







Thanks so much for asking me to take your family photos! :) We’ll definitely have to do it again sometime. And when I have kids, I’ll be asking you for the secret to raising an extremely happy baby. :)


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