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Kansas City Wedding: Ashley and Garrett June 23, 2009

Ashley and Garrett have a long love story. They started dating as freshmen in high school — yes, high school! — and tell a story about love at first sight. I love photographing couples who have been through years of memories together, who understand each other like nobody else ever will, and who love each other in a way that demonstrates their devotion to everyone around them. Ashley and Garrett are that kind of couple.

Their wedding day forecast never called for rain. Not once in the week leading up to it did the forecast call for rain. So we planned an outdoor session at the park for their “first sight” and couples portraits, and had elaborate plans for an hour at the park before heading to the church. And then, it rained. But you know what they say — rain is good luck on a wedding day. :) If Ashley and Garrett needed luck on their side (which they don’t!), I think they got a few extra doses of it on their wedding day. Being the great bride that she is, Ashley said, “No problem! We’ll move it inside!” so I called the Marriott hotel on the Country Club Plaza, who were so kind to give us permission to shoot in their lobby for Ashley and Garrett’s portraits. It was perfect.





The lobby was so cool and trendy — I love these shots in the booth!


A big thank you goes out to Chris Hsieh of La Brisa Photography for coming in to second shoot for me!! I’m going to share some of Chris’ shots here, too. Here’s his take on the booth scene:


After the hotel lobby, we headed out to the church… with one quick stop (in the rain) at the park. We found a nice natural umbrella underneath some gorgeous trees. I’m so glad we stopped! First, I couldn’t help but grab photos in the Escalade limousine. I love this shot:


The park was so green from all the rain:



Chris working some photo magic!


This one is Chris’ shot. I love how Ashley is looking at Garrett!


A few of my bridal portraits at the park… isn’t Ashley just gorgeous?? I love her deep brown eyes.



After the park, we headed to the church where we did family and wedding party formals, and then the sun came out! :) So we stole Ashley and Garrett away for a few quick photos in the church’s garden courtyard.


The rings (shot with my new 105mm 2.8, for you photographer types):


The ceremony was gorgeous. Church of the Resurrection in Leawood has a lovely wedding chapel (with great light for photographers!). Their traditional wedding ceremony was beautiful. While I was photographing the processional, Chris was grabbing the behind-the-scenes shots. I love this one of Ashley and one flower girl and ring bearer pair (they had two sets!):


And this moment of Ashley and her dad right before he walked her down the aisle:


Ceremonies are my favorite part of the whole day, and Ashley and Garrett were just too cute during their vows!



The gorgeous chapel:


Chris’ view during the ceremony (I love Ashley’s expression):


So happy to be husband and wife! (This one is mine):


Waiting for the bride and groom’s send-off:


I love this shot of Ashley’s parents! Isn’t her mom just beautiful? See where Ashley gets it?? :)


Too cute:


And Chris’ shot of Ashley blowing a kiss to family members (super sweet):


Their reception at the Marriott in Overland Park (the one at I-435 and Metcalf) was so elegant. They put a lot of thought and detail into their reception decor and events, and it was lovely. A few detail shots for you. The first one is Chris’ photo, the others are mine:




Ashley’s dad gave a great toast, and then took his wife out for a spin on the dance floor (I love watching the parents at receptions! So cute!).



First dance as husband and wife!



There are so many other fun photos from throughout the day… all of those will be available in Ashley and Garrett’s online gallery. Friends and family, click here to sign their online guestbook and you’ll be automatically notified when the rest of the photos are available! You won’t want to miss these! :)

To the lovely bride and handsome groom — thanks so much for asking me to capture the moments of your special day. It was a beautiful day, celebrating beautiful people! :) Best wishes for a happy life together!


6 Responses to “Kansas City Wedding: Ashley and Garrett”

  1. Emily Beaty Says:

    I love the portraits at the park! So green and beautiful!

  2. Betsy Says:

    LOVE the 2nd one of the bride in black and white– and the black and white one of yours in the booth with the spiffy paisley background is so timeless! Your cake shot is so pretty, too! Well, I really love all of them. :) What a beautiful couple!

  3. Mike & Jodee Williams Says:

    Erica and Chris did a superb job on capturing the memories of our daughters wedding day. Ashley and Garrett are a very special couple to have such a great loving family and group of friends to share in their wedding celebration. It shows that dreams really do come true.

  4. klsumpter Says:

    Oh, the rings have to be one of my favorites of your ring shots! And what an awesome cake! Their reception looked like it was something to see!

  5. The pictures of Ashley and Garrett’s wedding are beautiful! We can hardly wait to see more. Their wedding was beautiful, and the reception was so much fun! They are so blessed to have been able to share their wedding day with so much of their family, and so many of their friends!

  6. […] you’ll know what I am talking about! Erica already blogged about their fabulous wedding here: Kansas City Wedding: Ashley & Garrett so definitely check it out for all of the details, Erica’s awesome photos and a behind the […]

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