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Family Photos at Home, Overland Park June 25, 2009

weber09 copy

I met up with this family at their Overland Park home. One of my favorite things about photography sessions in my clients’ homes is that I get to capture them doing the things they normally do in a place that’s comfortable, familiar and cozy! It’s especially great for young children to stay in their home environment — because they love to show me their favorite toys (which makes for great photos!). I love how these in-the-home photos turned out!

First of all, this family is just beautiful. Their children have the most gorgeous brown eyes:

weber07 copy

weber03 copy

Adam showed me around his room, from “his guys” (stuffed animals) to his Pinnochio toy that was his mom’s when she was little!

weber01 copy

weber02 copy

We did some family photos on the couch, like this one:

weber04 copy

And got little miss Kate to sit up all by herself (isn’t she precious?)!

weber05 copy

We also went outside, and I got to witness the very first red cherry tomato of the season! Makes me wish I would’ve gotten my tomato plants planted before it was too late… 

weber06 copy

We got some family photos in the backyard:

weber08 copy

And then headed back inside (out of the extreme heat!) for my favorite portion of the day. These were all taken in the master bedroom, which had beautiful light.

weber12 copy

I love this one!

weber11 copy

What a sweet girl…

weber10 copy

And I love this series of the whole family, and snuggled together!

weber13 copy

weber15 copy

weber14 copy

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home for our photography session! It was such a joy to meet you, and I am excited for you to see the entire gallery of photos! :)


6 Responses to “Family Photos at Home, Overland Park”

  1. Betsy Says:

    I LOVE that last one in black and white– so natural, and I can’t help but smile at the little angelic face the little boy is making. :) Beautiful, Erica– and I’m with you, I love photos at a client’s home; so laid-back.

  2. Lucy Says:

    Thanks Erica! I love these and can hardly wait to see the rest of them.

  3. Hannah Says:

    All I can say is WOW! What amazing photos of some of my best friends :-)

  4. Beth Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

  5. Aunt Kasey Says:

    I love these! They are gorgeous…the last one is my favorite, I think. I also love the one of you and the two kids on the bed…that one’s great…and I love the one of Adam on his bed, and by the tomato plant…and the one of Kate in the chair…and the one where you’re all looking at Kate, or Adam’s arm, or something…they’re all gorgeous! Good luck choosing….

  6. Jennifer Sander Says:

    Wonderful job Erica! I loved them all!!!!

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