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Kansas Wedding: Alayna and Chris, Circle S Ranch July 1, 2009

Act I

It’s a classic story of boy meets girl. Boy sees girl, girl sees boy… they fall in love. On the set of The Sound of Music. They’re young — in high school — but they know that their love can stand the test of time, high school graduations, distance, and college life. And they’re right.

Act II

It’s a classic story of boy marries girl. In a beautiful church in a small town in Kansas. They’re still young — but older, wiser — and they know that their love will continue to stand the test of time. And they’re right.

Chris and Alayna were married this past weekend, and it was a joy to capture their wedding day memories. Their wedding day began at St. Teresa’s Catholic Church in the small town of Perry, Kansas. The gorgeous church on an extremely beautiful day:

acblog05 copy

Photos from their “first look” moment at the church:

acblog01 copy

acblog02 copy

Their ceremony was really sweet. Chris’ dad even gave a message to the bride and groom, and Alayna surprised everyone by singing (wonderfully) during the communion. I had no idea that she had a voice like that… it was lovely. I love this photo of Alayna’s dad looking at her as they walk down the aisle:

acblog06 copy

Sneaking a glance at each other during the service:

acblog07 copy

The vows:

acblog08 copy

acblog09 copy

Husband and wife! Yay!

acblog10 copy

The rings (again, with my new 105mm 2.8 macro lens) — isn’t Alayna’s ring gorgeous?

acblog03 copy

acblog04 copy

Their reception was at the absolutely gorgeous Circle S Ranch near Lawrence, Kansas. It’s the third time I’ve been to the ranch, and every time I’m reminded of how awesome it is for wedding photography (and weddings in general). Their staff is great (oh, did I mention Alayna is part of their staff??), the facilites are gorgeous, and the food is all prepared there — and it is beyond delicious. All I’m saying is… if you want a country or outdoor location for your wedding in Kansas, Circle S is a must-see. :)

Okay, anyway… so we started at the ranch with portraits while the guests were enjoying appetizers, before the party started!

acblog12 copy

acblog11 copy

So romantic!

acblog13 copy

acblog14 copy

acblog16 copy

Okay, one more swing shot… I love these!

acblog15 copy

The wedding party (taken in front of the wedding area for outdoor weddings… it’s breathtaking)!

acblog17 copy

In the future, you’ll be seeing/hearing more about more awesome photographers that are joining the ericamay team. I’m super excited to share with you the first images to appear on the blog by Kasie, who will be making more appearances at summer and fall weddings this year! :) Get excited, because she’s awesome!

Kasie’s portrait:


This was my view:

acblog18 copy

And this one is mine…

acblog19 copy

…while Kasie captured this gorgeous shot:


The reception was beautiful — full of great people and great details. They had set up lounge areas both outside and inside, and it was really nice for guests to spread out. They also had games, bubbles, and special snacks just for the kids — and there were a lot of super cute kids at this wedding!

One of the outdoor areas (this is Kasie’s shot):


Chris showing off his wedding ring! Yeah! :)


I love this! She was tearing up the dance floor!


One of the cutest babies. Ever.


Chris and Alayna did a “sparkler dance” right after sunset — all of their guests stood in a circle under a covered patio with sparklers while the couple danced! It made for great photos.


And then, the smoke filled the air… which still made for great photos. :)


And then, the smoke filled part of the indoor reception hall, which made for even better photos! I love what the smoke did to highlight the streams of the light from the DJ’s booth!


When the reception was in full swing, a small rain shower moved through — it didn’t ruin any of the plans, thankfully, and it left behind a beautiful gift for the bride and groom just before sunset:


Alayna and Chris, thank you for asking me to photograph your special day. Many blessings to you both as you start Act III — marriage!! :)


7 Responses to “Kansas Wedding: Alayna and Chris, Circle S Ranch”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Gorgeous Erica!!! As usual! I was excited to see what you did w/the rainbow!

  2. Leah Sample Says:

    Beautiful pictures of my beautiful niece and new nephew! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures….great job!
    Aunt Lea

  3. Rachel Says:

    oh goodness…the photos are fantastic…love the swing shots…

    you did such a great job capturing these two. kasie’s photos look simply wonderful

    and the rainbow shot? awesome.

  4. Mary Says:

    Love Chris and Alaynas pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest and look at all of them with C&A when they get home from Hawaii! Mary

  5. klsumpter Says:

    What a wonderful wedding present with the rainbow! I love it!

  6. Chris and Alayna Says:

    We heard some wedding pics were up and went by an Apple store in Oahu because we just couldn’t wait any longer. They are gorgeous and we’re so glad you were our photographer!

  7. Courtney Edmonds Says:

    Wow… these are wonderful! I’m going to show them to my photography class in the fall!

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