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Tucker’s 6 month baby portraits at Shawnee Mission Park July 3, 2009

You  might remember this little guy from the portraits we took when he was just one month old. His daddy was deployed during that time, and his mom got in touch with me to do an Operation: Love Reunited session. Well, I’m so glad to report that his dad is back safe and sound and I got to see the whole family for Tucker’s six month portraits! :) I can’t believe how much he’s grown!

We met up at the park for this session. Check out Tucker’s gorgeous blue eyes! Can you say, heartbreaker?? :)

tucker02 copy

His parents obviously love him… and he thinks they’re pretty funny:

tucker01 copy

Those eyes are even gorgeous in black and white!

tucker03 copy

And he makes the best faces! What a happy boy!

tucker04 copy

Some family photos:

tucker05 copy

tucker09 copy

I love the next two:

tucker07 copy

tucker06 copy

Brandi, call me if you ever need a sitter. :) I could stand to play with this cute little guy for a day!

tucker08 copy

One with dad…

tucker10 copy

And one with mom…

tucker11 copy

And let me explain this last one… :) This one’s for grandma. Tucker’s dad wore this exact western outfit when he had 6-month portraits taken… only Tucker’s dad fit into the jeans and boots that went with it. Tucker is a growing boy, so the shirt fit… and the rest, well, didn’t. :) We improvised and came out with this cute shot:

tucker12 copy

I can’t wait to see you all again at the next session! Have a great 4th of July! :)


5 Responses to “Tucker’s 6 month baby portraits at Shawnee Mission Park”

  1. jenifriend Says:

    what a beautiful little boy! his eyes are just amazing!! nice job erica!!

  2. klsumpter Says:

    Oh Mr. Tucker you are getting big fast! Such a cutie!

  3. Susan Solo Says:

    What a CUTIE! Those eyes are gorgeous and you did such a good job capturing them!

  4. sheilah Says:

    how sweet!!!! my goodness he is just a beautiful boy!!! them eyes will make you melt…………so cute!!!! so were the ones with you guys in it too.

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