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Operation Love Reunited Session in Kansas City July 9, 2009

I love doing Operation: Love Reunited sessions. It’s so great to meet families and soldiers who are going through a deployment. I got to meet up with this adorable couple for an OpLove session while the soldier was home for a few weeks on leave from Iraq. I am so glad it worked out — and I absolutely love the photos we captured!

You’ll notice that in OpLove photos, the soldier’s name is blurred out on their uniform — that’s for their protection and a new regulation from the OpLove organization. :)

We met up at Liberty Memorial in downtown Kansas City, which is home to the World War I Museum. It’s a really neat location and also perfect for OpLove sessions.

Okay, on to the cuteness. You know I love “series” shots, and that’s definitely how I shoot — several frames in a row to capture the in-between moments that really show off a relationship, personalities, etc. So to kick off this post, I’m starting with three shots in series that I love.

sdboplove04 copy

sdboplove05 copy

sdboplove06 copy

Don’t they look great together?

sdboplove01 copy

They were so natural in front of the camera, it was almost unreal. I’m starting to think they’re professional models disguised as normal people… :)

sdboplove02 copy

sdboplove03 copy

There’s nothing quite like the summer sun. I love how casual and connected they look in these.

sdboplove10 copy

Maybe my favorite:

sdboplove11 copy

I like the look in black and white, too. Especially the look on this soldier’s face! :)

sdboplove09 copy

sdboplove08 copy

sdboplove07 copy

I am a big fan of close-ups. :)

sdboplove12 copy

sdboplove13 copy

sdboplove14 copy

Red shoes = No place like home = Kansas. Brilliant idea! :)

sdboplove15 copy

sdboplove16 copy

sdboplove17 copy

Thanks so much for asking me to take your photos! I hope the rest of your deployment goes very quickly, and we’ll be praying for your safe return back home! :)


The photos and other content of this publication do not imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.


5 Responses to “Operation Love Reunited Session in Kansas City”

  1. jenifriend Says:

    awww they look so in love! i love it erica!!

  2. klsumpter Says:

    love the red shoes!

  3. Beth Says:

    These are great!! You can just see their love radiate out of these photos!

  4. Crystal Says:

    I love this. I have known the gentleman in the picture for almost ten years and the lady and I have become great friends. You are an awesome photographer. You captured the beauty and greatness in both of them.

  5. cindy brown Says:

    Love these photos, especially the photos of their legs and feet. The camies are great.

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