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Augusta Kansas Wedding: Erica and Ryan July 13, 2009

Erica and Ryan are hometown sweethearts. They grew up in the small town of Augusta, Kansas, near my hometown area — and they’re the kind of people who love with the kind of love that melts my heart. Erica’s smile said it all day. She was marrying the guy she loves. :)

When I walked into the room where the ladies were getting ready, Erica started tearing up. She kept exclaiming that she didn’t know why she got all emotional when I walked in… maybe it’s because we’ve been talking about her wedding day for a looong time now. Maybe it’s because when the photographer shows up, it’s really official. :) Or maybe it’s because Erica knew that I was there to capture the one day in her life that she’ll never, ever forget. Whatever the reason, I felt so blessed to be a part of the emotional, fun, exciting day that was about to unfold.

We started off with the gorgeous ladies getting ready… I could photograph Erica all day. She’s stunning. I loved her “Bride to Be” button and cute outfit she wore to get ready in that morning:

erblog01 copy

Her mom helped her into her gorgeous gown, and her bridesmaids helped with finishing touches.

erblog02 copy

erblog20 copy

The flower girls were so enamored with Erica (their aunt) as a bride. I bet they thought she was a princess.

erblog03 copy

I think the ring bearer and Spiderman were equally impressed with Erica’s beauty. :)

erblog04 copy

And we were off to see Ryan for the first time. I love this moment. When the bride comes in, the groom sees her for the first time… it’s really special. Here’s Ryan saying “Wow.” when he first set eyes on his bride… 

erblog05 copy

I wasn’t surprised Ryan couldn’t hold his “Wow.” in… this is who he was looking at, after all! :)

erblog06 copy

And… they meet! :) I love this!

erblog07 copy

The next two photos are all from their first moments of seeing each other, none of it posed. This is why I love weddings.

erblog08 copy

erblog09 copy

We worked quickly through their posed portrait session, and stayed mostly inside because of the ridiculous July heat — it was well over 100 degrees. 

erblog10 copy

erblog12 copy

Check out Erica’s stunning Maggie Sottero gown… she’s one of my favorite designers.

erblog13 copy

Erica’s veil was her “something borrowed” — it was perfect. I love how it looks in this photo.

erblog11 copy

We snuck outside for what I promised them would be less than 5 minutes of portraits. We succeeded. :)

erblog14 copy

erblog16 copy

Hello, lovely. Check out her eyes!

erblog15 copy

And the handsome groom!

erblog17 copy

Erica had the most gorgeous group of bridesmaids. Two of them you might recognize — Andrea and Laura. Seriously, how is it possible that all of her friends are this lovely? :)

erblog18 copy

The rings. Her ring is so classically beautiful.

erblog19 copy

The ceremony was gorgeous. I love shooting weddings in this church — St. James Catholic Church in Augusta. It’s beautiful. 

Erica’s dad walked her down the aisle. There was a burst of light as the huge doors were swung open… it was wonderful.

erblog21 copy

I love the next shot. Erica was whispering to herself, “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry…” :)

erblog22 copy

The pep talk apparently worked, because she was so radiant walking down the aisle.

erblog23 copy

The church:

erblog24 copy

Some of my favorite ceremony shots:

erblog25 copy

Erica has this awesome energy and enthusiasm about her. It was so apparent all day, and especially during the ceremony — she was totally into it, and I loved it. :) Note Erica’s fist pump in the next photo… it was for the announcement that it was time for the vows… :)

erblog26 copy

The vows:

erblog27 copy

Erica’s brother has an amazing voice.

erblog29 copy

Fist pump number 2… the announcement about the reception! :) 

erblog30 copy

The kiss…

erblog28 copy

And fist pump number 3… husband and wife!! :) Isn’t she great?!

erblog31 copy

I love this next shot… always a favorite moment!

erblog32 copy

Their reception was also at the church, and it was really gorgeous with candlelight and floral centerpieces in a variety of colors. My favorite part was that they served Mexican food for dinner — I love those fun personal touches that help personalize a wedding and set it apart from others. :)

One of Ryan’s grandmothers couldn’t attend the ceremony, so they set up a laptop throughout the day with Skype, so she could watch the ceremony and see the reception. Here’s Erica and Ryan saying hello during the reception. I loved this idea.

erblog33 copy

I’m going to show you the reception photos in black and white, because I think they’re especially elegant that way. :) So, here’s the garter toss:

erblog34 copy

And their first dance:

erblog35 copy

erblog36 copy

Family and friends, to see more photos (like from that awesome father-daughter dance!), check out the entire gallery online! You can pre-register now to receive an e-mail when all of the photos are ready by clicking here.

Erica and Ryan, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your special day. I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of your wedding — may your marriage be richly blessed! :)


3 Responses to “Augusta Kansas Wedding: Erica and Ryan”

  1. sarahjeanne Says:

    Erica! Maggie Sottero is my favorite designer!!! love all her dresses! :)

    These pictures are awesome!! I love how the bride is glowing all day! Beautiful!

  2. Wow Erica! What great photos. You really captured this day wonderfully and creatively. Nice work!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. jenifriend Says:

    that erica has a nice big smile like another erica i know! ;)

    beautiful pictures. i really love the ones of them meeting…and the one of her pumping her fist…err…bouquet in the air after they were married. my kinda girl! :)

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