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Newborn Session: Lucy, 3 weeks old August 4, 2009

lucy08 copy

You might remember little Lucy from a few weeks ago, when I got to visit her in the hospital and capture a few photos when she was less than 12 hours old! I was really excited to go back and see her again at about 3 weeks, and she was wide awake and so alert! :) I went to Lucy’s home for these photos, which were all taken in her parents’ bedroom and in her nursery. I love these at-home sessions!

Look at her cute chubby face!

lucy01 copy

I took over one of the cocoons that my awesome sister-in-law Leslie makes… I love the softness these have in the photos of newborns, and the babies LOVE them. They’re so snuggly and warm and help them feel cozy during the session. :) I couldn’t decide which facial expression was the cutest out of these, so you get to see them all:

lucy04 copy

lucy06 copy

lucy07 copy

Of course, we took a few photos with the new mom and dad!

lucy02 copy

(I adore this next one…)

lucy03 copy

One with just dad… 

lucy09 copy

And one with just mom (I love this one, too).

lucy14 copy

A few of Lucy in her extra-stylish crib:

lucy11 copy

lucy12 copy

Mom and dad wanted a fun photo with their wedding rings (they’re getting ready to celebrate their one-year anniversary in about 2 weeks!). Lucy’s tiny little toes could hardly hold the rings. :)

lucy10 copy

lucy13 copy

Oh, little Lucy, I can’t wait to see what a cute little girl you’re going to become. :)


4 Responses to “Newborn Session: Lucy, 3 weeks old”

  1. rachel boese Says:

    these are so incredibly adorable. obviously, i’m a little biased. but after a day like today…where nothing but being held makes that little girl happy, these pictures made me smile so big. erica, we can’t thank you enough for being willing…(and doing such a great job!) to capture these precious images of our little girl—and you even caught her “smiling!” :)

  2. klsumpter Says:

    Oh love the photo of the foot and the rings! I always love the feet!

  3. Alison Says:


  4. jenifriend Says:

    oh such a sweet baby!! look at those sweet feet!! great job erica!!

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