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6 Months Old: Olivia in Manhattan August 10, 2009

We got to see little Olivia again this past weekend. You might remember her from her 6-week session earlier this year. She now almost 6 MONTHS old… I can’t believe how big — and adorable — she’s gotten over the past several months! Babies just grow up so fast.

We went for a visit and also brought along our “son” (Petey) who Olivia was extremely interested in… Petey, being the good boy that he is, was very patient. :) It’s a good sign for the Short (notice the capitalization of the word) children in our future… sometime way, way in the future. Well, unless we keep hanging out with adorable babies like we have lately. :)

Anyway… Miss Olivia Belle charmed us with her smiles. She is too cute.

olivia05 copy

olivia03 copy

olivia02 copy

On her mom’s lap:

olivia01 copy

What a sweetie.

olivia04 copy

I took all of these photos in one little corner of their couch in the living room. Proof that the location doesn’t always matter for adorable photos. :) Keep it simple… that’s my motto. Simplicity is key.

olivia09 copy


olivia06 copy

No, wait, maybe this is my favorite. 

olivia07 copy

olivia08 copy

I think I said, “awwwww!!!” more times during the creation of this blog post than any other time in my life. :)

olivia10 copy

olivia12 copy

Seriously, that profile kills me with its cuteness.

olivia11 copy

Baby feet!

olivia13 copy

Olivia loves her rubber ducky:

olivia14 copy

After all those smiles, I’ll leave you with “the serious face.” :)

olivia15 copy

Oh, she just melts my already super-soft heart… :)


2 Responses to “6 Months Old: Olivia in Manhattan”

  1. rachel boese Says:

    :) too cute.

    slowly but surely, these babies are going to make you and Jeff change your minds :)

  2. jenifriend Says:

    now really, that’s a CUTE baby! and she’s doing the happy baby stretch from yoga!! i really do believe where its name was derived from, now! :)

    great pictures erica!

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