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Kansas City Senior Photos: Kyle August 13, 2009

I was the kid in elementary school (who I am kidding… in HIGH SCHOOL, too) who begged my mom to pleeeease take me to the store as soon as the school supplies came out so I could get the good stuff before it was all gone. I was the girl who revised her teacher’s school supply list and added just a few extra college-ruled (psh, don’t give me any of that wide-ruled stuff!) notebooks, and a teal and purple Trapper-Keeper just for fun. Who’s with me?! :) I was devastated the year they told us we weren’t allowed to have those. 

Anyway, I loved school. So every August, I would get very excited to label my things (with my initials… “EMM” back then), pack my bag a million times, and decide which Mickey Mouse stretch pant outfit I would debut on the first day of school. You know you wish you were my friend back then… :)

Now, when August rolls around, I get that nervous-excited feeling again when I see the aisles lined with school supplies in all of those bright primary colors. But, alas, I’m a grown up now. And the best part is, I now get to photograph students who are entering their SENIOR YEAR of high school. What a fun time. So August has a new excitement now — meeting and capturing photos of soon-to-be high school graduates, eager to start their last year of high school. It’s so much fun to be  a part of that.

Where is this going, you ask? :) Well, I’m excited to share with you our first senior in the Class of 2010! Kyle kicked off our senior photos for the year, and he did an awesome job.

kyle01 copy

kyle03 copy

kyle02 copy

kyle04 copy

kyle05 copy

Kyle might very well have been the easiest guy EVER to photograph. He told me at the beginning that he’s not really into having his photo taken… but I’m not buying it. :) 

kyle06 copy

What a great smile!

kyle07 copy

kyle08 copy

We took the first part of Kyle’s photos at Antioch Park. It’s a neat location for diverse backgrounds.

kyle09 copy
kyle10 copy

After the park, we headed to his high school for more photos!

kyle11 copy

kyle12 copy

kyle13 copy

Kyle is a soccer player, so we were even able to access the field for photos in his soccer uniform. I think one of the best things a senior can do during their photos is incorporate things that make them who they are!

kyle15 copy

kyle14 copy

kyle16 copy

I love this one! What a handsome guy (watch out, K-State!).

kyle17 copy

Kyle, thanks so much for having me take your senior photos. I hope your senior year is awesome, and that you enjoy your time at K-State next fall — it’s a great place to be! :)


2 Responses to “Kansas City Senior Photos: Kyle”

  1. jenifriend Says:

    nice job erica! i just did my first senior session last weekend and it was awesome!! i am looking forward to more this fall!!

  2. Beth Ponnath Says:

    trapper keepers and slap bracelets were outlawed at my grade school…booo! great pics Erica!

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