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Senior Photos at Kansas City’s Union Station: John August 15, 2009

john01 copy

I have the extreme privilege of meeting some of the best and brightest high schoolers — through senior photography and my volunteer involvement with HOBY, I get to know the people who are students now, and who will be leaders in our nation in the future. And it makes me excited. Because let me tell you, for those of you who don’t already know, we have some of the best young talent right here in the midwest.

John is one of those people. When I met him — just before his session — I knew right away that he was going to impress me. He was polite, engaging, smart, and I had a great time taking his senior photos. John is in the middle of his college search right now, with plans to go to law school in the future. Last year, he qualified for Nationals with Debate, and I could tell why. He was well-spoken and thoughtful, and a senior who has obviously developed his skills as an effective communicator.

Anyway, John is the kind of young leader that makes me excited for our country’s future. But, as I told him during the session, if he decides law school isn’t for him, he could always have a career in modeling. :)

john02 copy

john04 copy

john03 copy

We took John’s photos in front of (and inside of ) Union Station in downtown Kansas City. It was perfect for the style of his senior photos.

john06 copy

john05 copy

One of my favorites:

john07 copy

john09 copy

john08 copy

Inside Union Station, we did photos of John in what he spends most Saturdays wearing — a suit and tie at debate tournaments!

john10 copy

john11 copy

And then, John put on his glasses, which he wears during tournaments. I love the next three.

john13 copy

john14 copy

And I’ll leave you with what I’m calling the “Undercover Superhero Shot” — this reminds me of Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent. :)

john12 copy

John, have a great senior year, and I know you have a very bright future ahead of you!


One Response to “Senior Photos at Kansas City’s Union Station: John”

  1. jenifriend Says:

    oh my i just love the black and white of him in his suit and tie and spectacles…great job erica!!

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