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Kansas City Senior Photos: Gianna August 16, 2009

gianna01 copy

Tonight, we witnessed nothing short of a miracle. Thunderstorms were in the Kansas City area all day long, but we didn’t let that stop us — I met up with Gianna and her parents for her senior portrait session despite the looming clouds and thunder in the distance. Just moments after we arrived at Antioch Park, the rain let up and we went ahead with the session despite the thick heat. Gianna did an amazing job under extreme circumstances! :) She is absolutely gorgeous.

gianna02 copy

I loved this dress, pearls, and heels outfit she picked out:

gianna03 copy

gianna05 copy

gianna04 copy

gianna06 copy

She is too cute. Other ladies can take note from Gianna’s session — she did a really great job using accessories (and cute shoes!) and choosing a variety of outfits and styles for her photos. I loved it!

gianna07 copy

gianna08 copy

gianna09 copy

gianna10 copy

Green is a great color. :) 

gianna12 copy

gianna13 copy

gianna11 copy

Gianna is an amazing golfer. She spent a lot of her summer (and a lot of her school year) on the golf course or playing in tournaments. So, of course, we had to take some of her senior photos on the golf course. We visited Milburn Country Club for the photos, and it was beautiful. What you can’t see in these photos are the building clouds, and what you can’t hear are the claps of thunder. :) 

gianna15 copy

Personalized golf shoes!

gianna14 copy

Besides the poses with her gear, we had to grab a few shots of Gianna in her normal golf pose — carrying her bag!

gianna16 copy

gianna17 copy

gianna18 copy

About a minute we jumped in the golf course to head back, the rain came down! What perfect timing! :) We’ll end with one cute shot of our fearless golf cart driver… and beautiful senior! :)

gianna19 copy

Gianna, congratulations on your senior year. I hope golf season goes so well this year, and that you don’t get asked too many times what your college plans are. :) I hope the search goes great, though!


One Response to “Kansas City Senior Photos: Gianna”

  1. Emily Beaty Says:

    How fun! I love the variety. :)

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