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Headed to the Big Apple August 19, 2009

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When I was younger, I loved the Baby-Sitters Club books. Seriously loved them. I have a collection of well over 100 of these books, in a storage tub in my basement (don’t be jealous). When a new book would come out (which I knew about, of course, because it was in my Fan Club newsletter!), my dad would take me to the bookstore at the mall so I could get it as soon as possible.

I loved the characters and how they were all so different, yet all the best of friends. I could still recite way more information than you’d ever want to know about each of their lives. It’s just one of my many hidden talents. :)

What does this have to do with heading to the Big Apple, you ask? Well, it just so happens that I have a point… ever since I was 10 years old and read about the fabulous life of Stacey McGill (whose real name was Anastasia), who hailed from New York City before she moved to Stoneybrook, Connecticut, I knew I had to go there. I read these wonderful tales of Stacey walking the streets of New York City, wearing something super cool (for the mid-90’s) and bringing that urban sophistication to the small town in Connecticut. I knew I had to experience that lifestyle, walk the streets of the city, and act as trendy as that 13-year-old baby-sitter in the book. :) You had no idea I was this cool, did you?

And now, that wish is a reality. Jeff and I (and my sister- and brother-in-law) are headed to NYC tomorrow morning for several days of vacation… and a few photo shoots, of course! I’ll be capturing our trip, the city life, and doing some portrait shoots while we’re there. I will also be making progress on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days —  #11, hopefully #15 (in Central Park!) and #34. Stay tuned!

Just as an FYI, I’ll be returning e-mails and phone calls after next Monday if you try to reach me. I’m leaving my laptop behind — yay! :)

And if you happen to be on a flight from KC to NYC, and you’re sitting next to a girl reading the Baby-Sitters Club Super Special edition book, “New York, New York!” — say hello. I promise to say hi back. :)



8 Responses to “Headed to the Big Apple”

  1. jenifriend Says:

    have fun erica and bring us back loads of style and stories!!

  2. Emily Beaty Says:

    have a great time! i can’t wait to see the images. :)

  3. Betsy Says:

    Yay! ‘Can’t wait to hear how awesome your trip is! Have a good time!

  4. Beth Ponnath Says:

    So I definitely had the Special Edition BSC club book that was shiny gold and came complete with your very own BSC necklace. I was in heaven! Oh and I loved Dawn…I had the doll. The movie was on the other day, but unfortunately I don’t have the Starz channel. I know you wanted to know all of this:)! Have a safe and fun trip! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Have fun, it’s a great city! And I’m right with you with the BSC books. I saw a bunch of them at a thrift shop last week and totally busted out in a smile :)

  6. kasie Says:

    i’m so glad you had all the books…so i could borrow them. :)
    oh man, i knew we’d be best friends forever when you went to a book signing with THE Ann M. Martin and you brought me back my very own signed copy.
    what a pal. :)

  7. Lindsay Says:

    I also have a LARGE collection of the Babysitters Club books. Honestly, I loved the part of the books where it was written in handwriting – for like 3 years I put hearts over my I’s like Stacey. She was my favorite by far – I also loved her NY Flair. Oh how I longed to be her…anyway, enjoy NYC. It is an exciting place!

  8. heather morgan Says:

    I loved the books and also have 100 in the basement! Hope you had fun.

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