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What will we do today? You decide! :) August 20, 2009

Hey there…

So you know by now that we’re in New York City, walking around like tourists with our camera gear and fanny packs (okay, okay… Jeff made me leave that behind!).

In a city this big, the options can be overwhelming. So I thought it would be fun to put a little poll on here where you get to decide what you want to see us do! :) I promise we’ll take photos of the winning activity for proof that we did it, and I’ll post when we get back.

So… what should we do while we’re here?


5 Responses to “What will we do today? You decide! :)”

  1. Chris Says:

    i voted to visit Tiffany’s b/c it QUITE the experience!!! Plus, it’s super close to central park and so you can check off two things on the list!

  2. my big tip: skip the bus tour. best way to experience nyc is by foot (orany city for that matter–i can attest to this as i’ve been living overseas and traveling for the past year!). i voted for central’s magical. chris is right, though…you can totally do tiffany’s & central park in one fell swoop!

  3. lauren Says:

    Eat Cupcakes! Magnolia Bakery has incredibly rich ones with awesome icing.

  4. sarahjeanne Says:

    you should really walk the brooklyn bridge at night!! It’s pure amazing!! so romantic and beautiful and relaxing :)

  5. Melinda Says:

    Not on the list….but I am still hoping for Grandkids!

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