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I <3 NY (and the delicious dining!) August 21, 2009

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Day 2 in NYC!

I read somewhere that New York City has somewhere close to 19,000 restaurants. Nineteen. Thousand. Can you believe it? I love this place. :)

Want a chance to see us scarfing down some New York City-inspired food? Now is your chance. You guessed it… we’re polling again today. Since I am the most indecisive person ever when it comes to eating out (unless eating Mexican food every night is an option that anyone else in the world would agree with…), we’re letting you pick for us.

So, pick something good… My tummy thanks you in advance!


2 Responses to “I <3 NY (and the delicious dining!)”

  1. Sarah Says: This place had lots of pics of famous people with their super tall sandwiches in it. They’re really good, but kind of a challenge to eat :)

  2. Sarah Says:

    Pleeeeaaassseee don’t get the hot dog from the street vendor – when I went to NY two years ago, I did that and the hot dog, well, I won’t go into detail but I tossed it after two bites :(

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