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Featured on the Pictage Blog! August 22, 2009

I get e-mails fairly often from people who are aspiring photographers or who have recently decided to take their photography hobby and turn it into a business. I absolutely love hearing from people who have a passion and a desire for the art, and who are seeking advice and help and direction from other photographers.

When I started getting serious about my business and providing my clients with a first-rate experience, I began looking for inspiration from other photographers who had been there before me, who were willing to share, and who had a community-focused mindset. I was also looking for a company that could help me fulfill several different areas of my business, including professional printing, high-quality albums, and online hosting. I found both in one place — Pictage.


I’m featured today on the Pictage blog talking about these things and how the Pictage Forums were so instrumental to my development and growth both as a creative artist and a business owner. If you’re a photographer who is looking for a great company to partner with, I highly recommend checking out Pictage. They even have a new service for “Lite” members that is great for people just starting out.

Anyway, to read my post (which I highly recommend for photographers!), head over to the Pictage blog and leave a sweet comment. :)


(Reminder: I’m in New York City right now, enjoying life in the big city. I’ll be back next week!)


2 Responses to “Featured on the Pictage Blog!”

  1. Melinda Says:

    It was a great article. Have you thought of freelancing an article in a photography magazine?

  2. Very nice, congratulations!

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