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New York City: Alison and Chris, Late Night Around Times Square August 26, 2009

I know you’re all waiting to see photos from New York City. Well, I’m going to kick off the series of posts with a photo shoot I did for Alison and Chris on and around Times Square. This session was something very different for me — it was after dark (probably around 11 p.m.), and I didn’t use a flash at all with these. For you photographer types, I have the high ISO abilities of the D700 to thank for that. :) Anyway, they wanted something different and fun and very urban, and I wanted to try my hand at something a little unique. These photos are the result!

We started off the shoot in the lobby of the W Hotel on Times Square. First of all, this is only the coolest hotel… they thought of everything. With a tagline of “whatever, whenever” — it’s a hotel focused on service, and creating a super cool environment for the guests. Seriously, with a lobby that looks like this, how could you not love it?

acnyc01 copy

Then, we headed out to Times Square, which was still bustling (of course) at almost midnight. :)

acnyc09 copy

I love the sense of closeness and warmth in the mix of chaos and commotion in the next two. :) 

acnyc03 copy

acnyc02 copy

We walked a few blocks to get a bustling street filled with cabs for the next several shots. I’m going to show you some in black and white and in color, so you can get a feel for what it was like. I can’t decide which processing I like better, so you’re getting both. :)

acnyc15 copy

acnyc04 copy

I love this one — the person and the car blurred with motion, the cute couple being all sweet, Radio City Music Hall in the background…

acnyc06 copy

acnyc05 copy

Again, these were all taken without a flash. Here, to  make sure that their faces were illuminated, I had them sit on the side of the fountain facing a street corner, which provided ambient light and glow to brighten up their faces. Tricky, huh? :)

acnyc07 copy

We liked all of the lines and patterns in this closed-off stairwell.

acnyc08 copy

And, finally, back to the hotel… :)

acnyc10 copy

I’m still working through my more touristy photos of the city and our trip, and I’ll be sure to post those when I can. I’m also working on some B-I-G projects right now, which you’ll find out about later (oh, the suspense!) so don’t worry… if I’m not posting, it’s because I’m working an all sorts of awesome things. :)

Alison and Chris, enjoy your photos! :)


6 Responses to “New York City: Alison and Chris, Late Night Around Times Square”

  1. Alison Says:

    These are way fun! Thanks for marrying my brother, inviting us on the trip to the big city and using us as guinea pigs :D

    • VL Says:

      I’m totally jealous of what you can do without a flash. However, I am loving life without a flash on day-to-day stuff. It was totally a blessing that my flash broke on my Canon Rebel SLR.

  2. kasie Says:

    lovely. i love them.
    so…when are we going to NYC?

  3. Kristen Says:

    Great shots Erica!

  4. Emily Beaty Says:

    Great job! I love the ones on the street corner with the blurry cabs in the background. :)

  5. Melinda Says:

    Your shots of Alison and Chris are perfect. I can’t believe how photogenic they are at 11:00 p.m.!

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