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Kelsey and Danny’s Wedding (Topeka and Lawrence) August 31, 2009

Every once in a while, we meet someone who is everything a person should be — happy, energetic, driven, kind, smart, and thoughtful. Every once in a while, that kind of person blesses our life with and brings us just a little more joy and reminds us what it is to love the details in life.

And every once in a while, two people who share those qualities meet. And fall in love. And invite me to photograph their wedding. :)

Kelsey and Danny. What can I say about these two except that they are absolutely wonderful? Jeff and I have been looking forward to their wedding day all year, especially after their awesome engagement session. Their wedding day was exactly what we expected it to be — a celebration of their love. These two were so excited to get married! They put on an amazing wedding, and I’m going to stop gushing about it now and show you the photos. :)

We started off wit Kelsey putting on her finishing touches:

kdw05 copy

Her dress had a jayhawk sown in (they are both die-hard KU fans… more on that later!):

kdw03 copy

The flowers were beautiful, done by Corlis at McLouth Flower Loft. I’ve worked with her a few times in the past, and I’m telling you, she’s brilliant with florals. Here’s Kelsey’s elegant bouquet:

kdw02 copy

kdw01 copy

Kelsey and Danny opted to see each other before the wedding for their formal portraits. I absolutely love the “first look” between the bride and groom on their wedding day. Kelsey and Danny were just so excited, and I love the sheer joy in these photos!

kdw06 copy

Jeff caught this awesome photo of Danny’s expression when he saw his bride for the first time!

kdw52 copy

I love how Kelsey dropped her train as she hurried towards Danny!

kdw07 copy

kdw08 copy

kdw09 copy

Jeff’s view of their first meeting — this one is sooo romantic!

kdw53 copy

Seriously, I could not have scripted this cuteness! :) I love it!

kdw10 copy

Their expressions here just make my heart melt. 

kdw11 copy

kdw12 copy

We started with their portraits together, and did most of them outside since the weather was absolutely perfect. Who knew we’d get a 70 degree weather day in August? :) The church provided a beautiful backdrop for photos.

kdw13 copy

kdw14 copy

kdw15 copy

One of Jeff’s shots:

kdw54 copy

The gorgeous bride:

kdw23 copy

kdw16 copy

And the handsome groom (these are both Jeff’s):

kdw55 copy

kdw56 copy

I could’ve taken photos of Kelsey all day long. She’s beautiful. So I have to share a few more with you… :) I wonder if Danny knew he was marrying a model? :)

kdw24 copy

kdw17 copy

kdw22 copy

A few more of their cuteness together… 

kdw18 copy

kdw19 copy

Jeff did some creative shots of their rings. This is one of my favorites:

kdw57 copy

Kelsey’s nephew Oliver looked so cute in his baby-sized tux. :) You might remember him from this post.

kdw21 copy

The ceremony at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Topeka, Kansas, was beautiful. The architecture was lovely. Kelsey’s dad walked her down the aisle.

kdw25 copy

kdw26 copy

A few of my favorite ceremony shots:

kdw27 copy

kdw28 copy

kdw30 copy

Seriously, how sweet is Danny? I think I almost said “aww!” out loud when he kissed Kelsey’s hand during the ceremony. :)

kdw29 copy

kdw31 copy

Here’s one of Jeff’s. I’m not sure if Danny was wiping away tears or just rubbing his eyes, but either way… :)

kdw58 copy

Their exit was one of the cutest ever. :) Yes, I just said “ever.” They opted to use confetti poppers for their guests and it looked amazing in the photos! To give you an idea, I’m going to give you the extended version of their grand exit from the church! :) The first three are Jeff’s view:

kdw59 copy

kdw60 copy

kdw61 copy

And one of mine:

kdw33 copy

I hopped in the stretch-Hummer limo for a few photos of Kelsey and Danny during their first few minutes as husband and wife!

kdw34 copy

Their reception was in a beautiful ballroom at the Holidome in Lawrence, Kansas. The details were very elegant, and the party was amazing! I usually don’t share so many reception shots, but these are too good to pass up. :) Kelsey and Danny’s first dance:

kdw40 copy

… which turned into THIS:

kdw37 copy

… an amazingly choreographed first dance to a mix of songs. It was awesome, and a surprise for the whole crowd!

kdw38 copy

kdw39 copy

Jeff’s shot:

kdw63 copy

I love how Kelsey and Danny can have so much fun and get a little crazy, but they’re also super classy. :) They wrapped up their first dance with a few more minutes of a slow dance.

kdw41 copy

One surprise wasn’t enough for the crowd. Oh no, not when Danny’s involved. :) He surprised EVERYONE — Kelsey included — with a smaller version of the KU marching band. Yes, you read that right. I even laid aside my K-State loyalties and got into their lively renditions of KU fight songs. :) And I sacrificed my hearing for some of these close-up shots. :)

kdw50 copy

kdw45 copy

kdw46 copy

kdw51 copy

Kelsey and Danny, big congratulations to you both. I’m so excited for you and the fun chapter of your lives that started this past weekend. Wishing you a very happy — and fun-filled! — marriage together. :)

For friends and family who want to see more of the c-r-a-z-y reception photos, the beautiful portraits, and the other memorable moments throughout the day, you can view all of the photos online. Just click here to sign in to the online guest book, and I’ll let you know when all of the photos are ready to be viewed!


2 Responses to “Kelsey and Danny’s Wedding (Topeka and Lawrence)”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I worked with and went to KU with Kelsey for a few years and could not attend the wedding. The pictures are fantastic and truly depict the beautiful couple’s personalities! Great job on capturing the moment (s)!!!!

  2. Mallory Says:

    I love the pictures where Kelsey and Danny see each other for the first time :) The looks on their faces are wonderful! Kelsey is so beautiful!

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