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Manhattan KS Wedding: Megan and Adam, K-State Gardens and Alumni Center September 15, 2009

Rain, rain… go away. :)

It can’t rain on a wedding day — at least not when a fun couple has planned a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, just a few hours after what is supposed to be sunrise. It just can’t rain. Because the couple carefully planned their wedding ceremony to take place under a beautiful canopy of flowers, surrounded by flower beds full with beauty in early September. It’s just can’t rain. Because the couple had visions of saying “I Do” in the fresh and bright morning light, surrounded by God’s beauty and their close family and friends.

It just can’t rain.

When I got a text from Megan at 5:45 a.m. on her wedding day with bad news about the rain, I said a little prayer. Okay, a big prayer. For Megan and Adam, for their wedding day, and for the rain. To go away, if at all possible. :) 

And guess what? It didn’t rain. :)

In fact, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was peeking through a gorgeous thin layer of clouds, a slight breeze was blowing, and the air was filled with laughter, joy, and hope for what this new day — this morning — would bring. 

Megan and Adam planned a morning wedding ceremony, and very ambitiously wanted to do their photos before the ceremony began. Always up for something new, I said “Absolutely!” to the early morning starting time. :) It was still drizzling when we started photos that morning, so we started at K-State’s Alumni Center for indoor portraits and for Megan and Adam’s first look.

mah01 copy

mah03 copy

Then, right on cue, the rain let up and the sun decided to join us — although a little timidly at first — for the most beautiful morning portrait session!

mah04 copy

mah05 copy

mah06 copy

The K-State Gardens are so romantic. I found myself drawn to the more romantic portraits in this set, too. :)

mah07 copy

mah08 copy

Proof that the sun joined us:

mah09 copy

mah12 copy

mah11 copy

I love outdoor ceremonies, and white chairs all lined up in pretty little rows.

mah10 copy

Kasie helped me shoot this wedding, and I’ll be sharing some of her shots here, too. She got some great detail shots of the gardens to help paint the picture of the wedding day atmosphere:

mah33 copy

mah34 copy

The ceremony was perfect, made even more joyful by the thankfulness everyone felt for the sunshine and cool September morning. Here’s a shot Kasie captured of Megan and her dad getting ready to walk down the aisle:

mah35 copy

Here’s my view of Adam, waiting for his bride!

mah13 copy

And my view of Megan’s walk down the aisle:

mah14 copy

mah16 copy

mah17 copy

The group sang hymns at the beginning of the ceremony, which was just beautiful. My heart almost burst with happiness. :)

mah15 copy

Kasie did some very stealthy hiding in the trees and bushes for some awesome shots. Here are some of my favorites she took:

mah36 copy

mah37 copy

mah39 copy

mah38 copy

I loved the delicate white flowers in the greenery over this archway. These are my shots:

mah18 copy

mah19 copy

mah20 copy

Husband and wife! I love this moment!

mah21 copy

mah22 copy

Megan and Adam had their big send-off with fresh flower petals in all colors. They also had “Flower Ladies” (instead of Flower Girls) who had huge baskets of petals for guests at the end of the ceremony.

mah23 copy

mah24 copy

This next one is Kasie’s view — I love the expressions on people’s faces surrounding them!

mah40 copy

Since Megan and Adam’s wedding ceremony was in the morning, they followed it with a breakfast-themed reception. It was so much fun and a great time for guests to mingle and chat and really have some time to talk with the newlywed couple. Here are a few details:

mah26 copy

mah25 copy

They gave out flower seed packets with their names and wedding date on them as a wedding favor, and had this funny poem that Adam wrote to Megan on the tables… reading it might give you an idea of how funny they are, and how much fun they have together. This is Kasie’s shot:

mah41 copy

The toasts… the first two are my shots, and the last one is Kasie’s. Megan’s sister was her maid of honor, and Adam’s dad was the best man.

mah30 copy

mah31 copy

mah42 copy

And I’ll leave you with two ring shots… both done in honor of their morning wedding and breakfast reception. :)

mah29 copy

mah28 copy

Megan and Adam, congratulations on your wedding and marriage. May God bless you with a joyful marriage, sunny mornings, and a garden full of beautiful flowers. :)

Family and friends who want to see all of their wedding images can click here to sign in to the online gallery. You’ll receive a message when they’re ready to be viewed!


7 Responses to “Manhattan KS Wedding: Megan and Adam, K-State Gardens and Alumni Center”

  1. jenifriend Says:

    you sure did put their rings on a sticky bun…and it couldn’t have been any more perfect!! great job!

  2. Jeff Says:

    haha… that poem is the best thing ever!

    Great shots, Erica and Kasie!

  3. Megan Says:

    with the couple of minutes we got on a computer in Greece, we looked at pictures. they’re awesome Erica! thank you sooo much, we can’t wait to see all of them!
    ~Megan and Adam

  4. Beth Ponnath Says:

    Aaah the Cinnamon Roll…soooo cute!

  5. Great set! Thanks for the comment on our blog as well!!

  6. jess Ponnath Says:

    Sooooo cute!!! I love looking at your blog when I’m bored… so many great pictures to look at, you are so gifted!

  7. Kerri Says:

    Amusing and well captured blog on Megan and Adam’s wedding – thank you so much for sharing. For those of us unable to attend, it gave us a brief glimpse of their special day.

    Excellent shots – the perspective taken, encapsulating! Your talent shines through.

    Megan & Adam – Absolutely BEAUTIFUL bride and groom, such a lovely couple!

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