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Kansas City Baby Photography: Tucker’s 9-Month Photos September 29, 2009

tucker9-01 copy

It was so much fun seeing Tucker and his parents again. :) I love this part of what I do — I get to see babies as they grow up and get big and develop cute little personalities over their first year. Doing a first year package is an awesome way for parents to capture their children over the first year, and an awesome way for me to get to hang out with cute babies multiple times throughout the year. :)

Tucker is all smiles, has the biggest blue eyes, and is just super adorable. Our session was fall themed, the weather was perfect, and we had a great time! Here are some of my favorites.

tucker9-03 copy

tucker9-02 copy

tucker9-04 copy

tucker9-05 copy

They’re such a cute family! I love the next two:

tucker9-06 copy

tucker9-07 copy

I love the fall leaves — this is a great time for fall photos, since the leaves are falling, but also still on the trees. :)

tucker9-09 copy

tucker9-08 copy

tucker9-10 copy

tucker9-11 copy

tucker9-12 copy

This one might be one of my favorites… I love his expression, the light, and the lines from the wooden slats!

tucker9-14 copy

tucker9-13 copy

tucker9-15 copy

Playing with a pumpkin…

tucker9-17 copy

And one more with the parents! :)

tucker9-16 copy

I can’t wait to see Tucker again in a few months for his 1-year photos! :) What a cutie!


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