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Topeka Wedding: Michael and Sara October 5, 2009

The day was filled with tradition. And family. And love.

It was everything you expect a wedding to be, when a couple unites as one and their closest family and friends celebrate right along with them.

For Michael and Sara, that was a big crowd. And it was amazing. :)

I’m going to get all sentimental talking about how sweet these two are, and how fun their families are, and how beautiful their wedding was… so I’m going to cut it short and just show the photos. I’m working quickly to get these up before the couple leaves for their honeymoon in the morning. :) Let’s just say that Jeff and I had an awesome time sharing the day with Michael, Sara, and their hundreds of guests!

The ceremony at Holy Name Catholic Church in Topeka, Kansas, was beautiful. The morning light was streaming through the stained glass, and I knew it was going to be a great day.

chavez02 copy

Jeff’s shot:

chavez32 copy

Sara walked down the aisle with both of her parents, and she was just beaming.

chavez03 copy

And Michael was, too. They didn’t see each other before the ceremony, so this was his first time seeing his bride — Jeff captured this one:

chavez33 copy

The ceremony was lovely, and filled with traditions from their culture. I loved it.

chavez05 copy

chavez06 copy

The beautiful (and packed) church:

chavez04 copy

Here, Michael and Sara are presented with the arras — 13 coins that represent Jesus and the disciples and symbolize the sharing of riches between the bride and groom. They also signify hope for future prosperity and their promise to take care of one another. 

chavez07 copy

Here are the arras up close:

chavez01 copy

Another tradition is that of the manquerna. It is shaped like a figure eight, the symbol of infinity. The bride and groom’s mothers place the manquerna to symbolize the lifelong bond between husband and wife.

chavez08 copy

chavez09 copy

Some more of my favorite ceremony shots:

chavez10 copy

chavez11 copy

The next few are Jeff’s ceremony shots. I love Sara’s sweet expressions in these!

chavez35 copy

chavez36 copy

My view of their first kiss as husband and wife:

chavez12 copy

Jeff’s shot:

chavez37 copy

And mine — I love this moment!

chavez13 copy

Michael and Sara had two portions of their reception — the first was a dinner reception in the afternoon, followed by a break, and then everyone returned for a night filled with music and dancing. At the dinner, guests were served delicious homemade (seriously, all of it!) Mexican food, all prepared by their families!

chavez14 copy

After the first portion of the reception festivities, we had Michael and Sara all to ourselves for their portraits together, which were taken around the reception site (Agricultural Hall in Topeka). The weather was great, the fall colors were just emerging, and the couple was carefree — the only thing left to do was celebrate!

chavez15 copy

chavez16 copy

Here’s one of Jeff’s:

chavez38 copy

And my shot of the lovely Sara!

chavez17 copy

chavez18 copy

chavez19 copy

chavez20 copy

chavez21 copy

I couldn’t decide which of the next two I liked better, so you get to see them both. :)

chavez22 copy

chavez23 copy

chavez24 copy

Jeff also captured some pretty awesome shots of their rings! Here are two of my favorites he took:

chavez39 copy

chavez40 copy

After that, it was time to party. :) The couple hired both a live band and a DJ, who were both amazing. The band — Grupo Picante — kept everyone salsa-ing all night. And the DJs didn’t use iPods… oh no, they had turn tables and mixed music with them all night. It was awesome.

chavez43 copy

chavez27 copy

chavez30 copy

chavez31 copy

This one goes out to Josh, who I know is reading this right now. :)

chavez29 copy

This is Jeff’s, and I wish it were my shot. :) I love the motion of the dancing, and how beautiful Sara looks.

chavez42 copy

And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite reception shots — bride and groom surrounded by their wedding party (or, a small portion of the wedding party!). :)

chavez28 copy

Michael and Sara, congratulations to you both. Jeff and I are so thrilled for you and excited to be a part of your engagement, wedding, and marriage. Enjoy Chicago!

For family and friends who would like to see all of the images (and there will be a LOT to see!), click here to sign in to the online gallery. You’ll receive an e-mail when all of the photos are available to view.


Also, one last shout-out to Whitney, who came along to assist with this wedding. Whitney, thanks for being a part of the day — I can’t wait to see where your photography endeavors take you. :)


2 Responses to “Topeka Wedding: Michael and Sara”

  1. Danica Says:

    Youre pictures are fabulous!!! You ALL looked gorgeous! I don’t think you could as for a classier ceremony and your pic’s are absolutely top notch. AWWWW it makes me want to get married all over again! Congratulations your memories from that day will last a life time and you have breathtaking photos to always remember it by. I am so happy for you all.

  2. Liz y Auda Says:

    Sara & Michael,

    Love the photos! So glad to have shared your special day with you both. Congratulations!! Enjoy your honeymoon in Chicago;)

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